In a certain city in southern China, nine-year old Zhuzhu's tianmu opened not long after she started Falun Dafa cultivation. When Jiang's group coerced the populace to carry out the infamous "million signature" campaign, her local school faithfully forced the pupils to sign, and listen to the principal's "expose and criticize them" speech. Upon arriving at the assembly room, Zhuzhu saw a frightening scene. A group of ugly and deformed toads were waiting in a different dimensional space by the signature book. The moment the kids signed their names, the toads would snatch a portion of their human essence! Some kids had adverse reactions immediately. When Zhuzhu saw this, a thought came instantly to her mind: "I must not allow them to harm people (At the time, she was not aware that sending forth righteous thoughts could lead to the destruction of demons)!" Then, Zhuzhu saw the Falun in her dantian shoot out a golden beam of light that instantly dissolved the group of demonic toads.

Soon after, the demons, flustered and exasperated, came out together with the principal. The "Exposition and Criticism Assembly" was pronounced to begin, and the principal took out his prepared speech to read. Little Zhuzhu immediately sent forth a very powerful righteous thought: "Don't you dare utter any nonsense!" All of a sudden, the evil demons were fixated on the spot, and destroyed. The first words from the principal's lips became: "Falun Dafa is-- good." The whole audience was shocked. Red faced, the principal continued reading. The second sentence became: "Today, we are here to--publicize Falun Gong." The third sentence became: "When you get home, you all must-- study Falun Dafa." The entire assembly was thrown into pandemonium and concluded hurriedly.

After Zhuzhu got home, she suddenly remembered a fellow practitioner had told her that the evil forces had captured a group of practitioners and taken them to a brainwashing class. They would be forced to sign a guarantee to stop practicing. Early the next day, with the guidance of Teacher's fashen, little nine-year old Zhuzhu went around on the bus by herself and found the brainwashing class. She used her supernormal abilities to distract the security guard, and went around room by room telling the practitioners her experience of the previous day. She repeatedly urged the practitioners to strengthen their righteous thoughts: "You must not yield to the evil!" Inspired by the little disciple, the practitioners who were illegally locked up firmly resisted the brainwashing. The brainwashing class ended up in vain.