(Clearwisdom.net) Among the practitioners who went to validate Dafa [law and principle of the universe] in Beijing's Tiananmen Square on December 18, 2000, only a handful returned from the prison. They recounted the cruel torture methods used by the police to persecute Falun Dafa practitioners.

In the Beijing Huairou Custodial Center, the guards ordered the prisoners to torture practitioners using various devices for interrogation in order to force them to reveal their names and addresses. The prisoners beat up the practitioners who would not comply. The means used for these tortures were so malicious that it makes one shiver. The following are some examples:

  1. They would tie a practitioner's feet together and hang him upside down from the roof beam. A big pot of hot chili peppers was then set to boil directly below the practitioner's head, suffocating him with the burning and spicy fumes.
  2. The guards had the common prisoners shock practitioners directly in the face repeatedly with electric batons. Whoever still refused to give in would be shocked this way until the electric batons ran out of power.
  3. After a practitioner was stripped naked, several prisoners then pinned him down to the ground by all four limbs. A towel was put on the practitioner's chest. Then they tortured the practitioner by slowly pouring buckets of ice-cold water one after another onto the towel. An ordinary person would perhaps be able to endure a few dozen buckets of ice-cold water. However, the practitioner had to endure the cold impact of at least 300 buckets of freezing water from the morning until evening. If the practitioner still refused to reveal his name and address, bamboo needles would be used to pierce through his fingers.
  4. A practitioner was stripped naked and put into a small iron cage. The cage was then submerged into water until the water level reached the practitioner's neck. The length of immersion depended on the strength of the practitioner's will power. The purpose of the torture was to force the practitioner to reveal his name and address.

These various cruel torture methods described occurred in Beijing at the end of the 20th century. We hope that all peace-loving and kind-hearted people in the world will work together to stop the evil ways of Jiang Zemin [Chinese President] and his accomplices.