(Clearwisdom Net) Since the Spring of 2001, the police in Qixia City, Shangdong Province have continued to escalate their persecution of Falun Gong practitioners. In March they started arresting Dafa practitioners and forcing them into brainwashing classes. In April they started hunting down Dafa practitioners. They caught over 40 practitioners the first time and over 20 the second time. The police caught people at any time of day or night and in any location, in the fields and even in their homes. A practitioner in Miaohou Village was beaten so badly by Fan, the chief of the village police station, that he passed out.

The most heavily victimized district in Qixia City is Sikou Town, which is the hometown of Wang Lixuan. Wang and her eight-month old son Meng Hao were tortured to death in the Beijing Tuanhe Labor Camp. Wang's father, Wang Guihai and her sister, Wang Lihui (a student of Yantai University) were both sent to labor camps because they went to Beijing to safeguard the Fa many times. Her brother Wang Zhichao (a university student in Jinan) was dismissed from school because he appealed to the government. Now he is forced to become homeless. Her mother is over 50 years old. The city police arrested her in her own home at midnight after scaling the wall of her house . Many people observed, "They have lost all their senses and are acting just like common criminals!"

The latest action in Qixia City has caused moral indignation among many kindhearted people.

The practitioners who are forced into the brainwashing class are required to listen to false reasoning and evil teaching. If practitioners do not write the "three letters"(letters promising to renounce their belief and practice of Falun Dafa) they are then sentenced to labor reeducation. As of this date three steadfast practitioners have been sentenced to labor reeducation.

The countless crimes have incurred the wrath of God and the resentment of man. This year Qixia City suffered from a series of hailstorms. The heaviest damage took place in Xicheng, the site of the brainwashing classes. Disasters also keep happening in other towns. This June a number of lawless officials took a vacation using public money. On their way back a car accident caused four deaths and two injuries. The mayor had a severe head injury and is in the hospital on the verge of death. Diao Peiju, the deputy chief of the city government office, died in the accident. He not only committed countless crimes in persecuting Dafa, but also bullied and oppressed the town's people. Heaven has removed the oppressors. Now the town's people cannot help clapping their hands in celebration.

We seriously warn those people who disobey the law and persecute Dafa disciples. Stop your crimes immediately! Otherwise human laws and heavenly principles will punish you!

The list of criminals:
Li Ning, the Party secretary of Politic and Law Committee in Qixia City
Liu Xinzheng, the director of Political Protective Office, Qixia police station