A young practitioner told me something that struck me as quite important.

According to her, at present, practitioners are all very diligent in their cultivation. They are able to recognize many different forms of demonic interference and send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate them promptly. But there is one kind of demon that is especially cunning. This kind of demon pretends to very enthusiastically push the Fa-rectification process forward, and actively participates in many activities with practitioners such as group study and discussion, spreading the Fa and clarifying the truth. It creates many different false impressions in an attempt to shake the righteous beliefs of practitioners. This demon focuses its attention on the areas where the practitioners have omissions and tries to damage the Fa-rectification process. Whenever we start to feel "irritable" because of the lack of apparent results from our efforts to spread the Fa, whenever human attachments arise which cause disagreements among practitioners, whenever our hearts are in a state of "unsteadiness," this demon will immediately take over and cause interference. As a result, we have ups and downs and argue with one other endlessly. The demon is then able to divide our collective power to rectify the Fa and eliminate the evil, thereby damaging the whole momentum of spreading the Fa. The small practitioner also saw that whenever we start to get worked up and feel "restless," the demon would drag our xinxing standard down rapidly. Whenever we use strong language and stubbornly hold on to our own opinions, an environment filled with strong demonic nature is formed around us. Because of our inadequate understanding of this kind of demon, we are not able to take the initiative to eliminate it. But some practitioners ignore this demon and walk away to do the things that they are supposed to do. The demon then becomes very angry and digs out the remaining, deeply hidden human prejudices inside of practitioners that cause them to point fingers at one another, blame one another, and even be angry at one another. As a result, everyone feels unsettled and does not know what to do. When practitioners have occasionally recognized the existence of this demonic nature and pointed it out, the demon would cover up its activities by saying, "I'm being responsible for the Fa. I am really worried because the practitioners have not been able to elevate themselves as a group." That is how this kind of demon has been able to escape punishment from the righteous forces.

The young practitioner said, "The demons that are still around right now are all very powerful. One cannot discern that they are demons with just a glance. They appear like righteous gods and this makes it very difficult to identify them. Their true identities are only revealed when they get agitated. Whenever we act impulsively and are very attached to certain things deep inside, that is when we are being controlled by the demons. It is not your true self. The demons are only taking advantage of the side of you that has not cultivated well and still clings to some human attachments. The demons are very good at finding excuses for their actions, and also at using our "human attachments" to control us to do certain things. Therefore, we need to remember at every moment that they are right next to us. Regardless of whether we can see them or not, we need to send forth strong righteous thoughts and eliminate the demons that are waiting nearby to take control of us. Eliminate them group by group and do not give them a single moment to catch their breath. The demons sometimes also follow us to places where we have spread the Fa and put evil thoughts back into people's heads to increase the difficulty of our Fa-rectification process. They create many false impressions to make us waver in our righteous beliefs. In most situations, the demons attack in the places where the human attachments can be triggered. Once these human attachments are stirred up, the practitioner's godly side will not be able to play its proper role. The demons can then cause interference and damage at will. They even have made arrangements in practitioners' daily lives and other activities, and have used many kinds of ploys to entice them to give up their cultivation and Fa-rectification efforts. The demons consider Russia a place that is advantageous to them; therefore, they have all recently come over and gathered here. Practitioners will be dragged down immediately whenever they show even the slightest sign of not being diligent.

The young practitioner asked me to let everyone know about this matter as soon as possible, so we can send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate this kind of demon. I got on the computer immediately and wrote down her comments. Just as I was getting ready to end the article, my computer screen suddenly went blank, and everything that I had written down was erased. Obviously, the demon was behind this, as it was afraid of being exposed and thus eliminated. From this, it became obvious to me that it is absolutely necessary for us to be alert and eliminate this kind of demon--the kind that pretends to be a god pushing the Fa-rectification process forward, but who in reality is using deeply hidden methods to cause various kinds of difficult to detect damage among practitioners.

This kind of demon hides among cultivators, and is trying its best to damage our Fa-rectification work. It causes more interference and damage to the practitioners who shoulder important Fa-spreading work, and this interference and damage sometimes even affects the general Fa-rectification process, causing delays in some areas.

These demons are engaged in their final struggle. They adopt various disguises and exhaust all means in a frenetic attempt to harm us. At the same time, they are also testing the righteous, diamond-like belief, and examining the mindset and level of each practitioner. In fact, for enlightened beings, the current environment could be changed completely with a single wave of the hand, and the demons have no way to compete. The reason they appear to be so rampant and powerful is that we have omissions ourselves, such as the tendency to become impatient or agitated, blame other people, or feel unfairly treated. The evil has taken advantage of our omissions to interfere with us, causing many problems as well as the loss of effective control over many situations.

When cultivators are in such a complete and thorough test, they should not linger in the realm of ordinary people, worry about personal gains and losses, or be moved by the evil. They should not use "we are still cultivators in the midst of cultivation" as an excuse to explain their human notions and behaviors that frequently surface. They should not acknowledge or indulge in anything that is merely human. We need to leave the state of being human as quickly as possible, and escalate the process of transforming ourselves from humans to gods.

When every single cultivator has cultivated himself into a pure particle that has no omissions and is as solid as a diamond, all the particles will join together and form an incomparably powerful force. To dissolve into the Fa is to consummate ourselves. Only when we consummate ourselves can we better utilize our power to suffocate the evil and assist Teacher to rectify the Fa. When we spread the Fa and participate in Fa-rectification with human mindsets and methods, we not only cannot consummate ourselves, but we will also be taken advantage of by the demons. When we have not cultivated ourselves well enough and carry too many human attachments, we are instead helping the evil sabotage the Fa and cause losses to Dafa. Therefore, we need to rectify ourselves first in the Fa-rectification process. We need to use pure righteous thoughts when performing every single task of clarifying the truth and spreading the Fa. We should absolutely not mix human thinking into this process. We should not concentrate on the tasks themselves and place ourselves outside of cultivation. In the face of each and every single Dafa particle who is as solid and unshakable as a diamond and who has no omissions, the demons will not be able to come up with any strategies or find any places to cause damage.

We must realize that we should greatly cherish this great historic opportunity to reach Consummation that will not be encountered again. We need to examine our every thought, every word, and every deed, and check to see if they are at the level and state of mind of a god. We need to examine ourselves to see if we have truly been able to step forward from humanness, to see if our hearts have truly stepped forward, to see whether we have truly broken through the states of everyday people and are elevating ourselves continuously. A human being is in a completely different state from that of a god. A Dafa particle should be able to display his godlike state and endless mighty virtue with every single word, every single deed, and every single wave of his hand. If that happens, the demons will disappear spontaneously everywhere he goes. In order to help the disciples reach such a high state of consummation, Teacher has personally come down to the human world and prepared the best road home for us. The times when the demons run most rampantly are the moments when we elevate the fastest. Take great care and watch the road ahead carefully! Take each step well, my fellow cultivators!