A long skirt, sewed with the portraits of practitioners' that were persecuted to death, is displayed in Toronto

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It is a special art work, a huge white skirt sewed with the portraits of Falun Gong practitioners' that were persecuted to death by Jiang Zemin's regime. The number 257 is on the chest of the practitioner who is wearing the skirt. All of these tell the world that every day the brutal persecution is happening in the Mainland China and call on all kind-hearted people to stop the killing of Falun Gong practitioners. Almost everyone who saw the skirt was deeply touched.

Toronto practitioners displayed this skirt on the lawn of the Ontario State Government, which is near the crowded Lake Ontario. These days wherever they go, they are surrounded by kind-hearted people and their concerns. People find it hard to believe that in China this kind of brutal persecution exists. Many of them ask what Falun Gong is and why China is persecuting Falun Gong. Pointing to the female practitioner in the skirt and the others who were doing the exercises, practitioners told the people that Falun Gong practitioners do these peaceful exercises, conduct themselves according to the principles of Zhen-Shan-Ren, and pursue peaceful spiritual lives. Two years ago, there were over 100 million people practicing Falun in China and benefiting physically and spiritually. Unfortunately, Jiang Zemin's regime decided to launch a bloody persecution against these good people.

People's hearts were touched deeply. Many of them signed their name to show their sincerity. Some of them even wanted to know how they could support the practitioners. Two ladies who came from China broke into tears in front of the skirt. Some people decided to learn the exercises. At one time, about 10 people asked practitioners to teach them the exercises. The interest in Zhen-Shan-Ren from ordinary people is very moving.

Thanks to the artists for inventing this unique way to call for justice and conscience!