July 25, 2001

[Clearwisdom Net] When facing persecution from the evil forces, it is extremely important to always keep righteous thoughts. At crucial moments, it can even be a matter between life and death, especially in a difficult environment where physical and mental sufferings can cause one to let down one's guard.

One evening in December 2000, just after sunset, I went to meet two practitioners. There was a copy machine and some truth clarifying literature in the room, which was located facing the street. We were having a conversation and were excited while talking. The conversation lasted almost an hour and we gradually relaxed our vigilance. Just when we were about to leave, two plainclothes and a uniformed policeman suddenly broke in. Facing the unexpected situation, we were somehow lost and did not stop their illegal actions in time. They found the materials in my bag. The only thought I had was "I can't let them arrest me," so I quickly ran out the door. I could hear the two policemen running after me. Although I ran really fast and the distance between us was increasing, I still felt unsure about whether I would be able to outrun them. When I heard them shouting, "Stop running or we'll shoot," I stopped.

During that brief moment of time, I had made three mistakes: the extremely long conversation with the fellow practitioners, failing to use righteous thoughts and actions to stop the police's breaking into the room, and running to escape.

The police caught their breath and forced my hands behind my back. I told them, "Don't do this, we are all good people." Meanwhile I unintentionally pulled my arms back in front of me. When I heard the police shouting "How dare you resist!" I realized that my arms were no longer behind my back, even though the two policemen still held my hands tightly. I did not do it with any force and I only felt that the arms of the police were very weak. I did not realize clearly that my supernormal powers gained from Dafa were working. Then I told them, "I wasn't resisting. Don't be so unreasonable" and put my hands back behind me. That was another mistake; cooperating with the evil forces. However, I remained calm and continued reasoning with them. They made a phone call and asked for a police vehicle, which took us to the police substation. Because of their conversation over the phone, that vehicle gave up a theft emergency and rushed over to where we were. It showed how afraid the evil forces were of the peaceful and compassionate Falun Gong practitioners. Furthermore, the "people's police" had turned into the bloody tool of the "Human Rights Scoundrel" Jiang Zemin.

In the police substation, I calmed down even more. Together with the other two practitioners, we kept promoting Dafa and clarifying the truth to them. They could not find the words with which to justify themselves, so they said that they were the tools of the authorities and were protecting the power instead of the law. I felt the environment had been cleaned up and the police became more and more gentle. They expressed that they could not help but do this because of their position.

We talked to the police for two hours. During that time, I adjusted my mind and prepared to leave. I firmly believed that I could leave nobly if I kept a righteous mind. Several times in that period I was ready to leave, but found my mind was still not stable, so I did not rush. During that period, I also experienced a very dangerous demonic interference. Because of the running and the long conversation, I felt very exhausted for a certain period of time and almost could not move my legs. I actually did not even want to move, either, and such thoughts like "As long as I am firm in Dafa, whatever is going to happen does not matter, let it be!" were coming up. Actually, what seemed to be "steadfastness" was really a demonic interference during cultivation in Fa-rectification. It was submitting to the persecution by the evil forces. This thought gradually became strong and I suddenly realized that it resulted from the demonic nature of laziness. I had to use all my power to reject and break away from the persecution of the viciousness. I would never compromise, even with my last breath. I had to leave!

When my mind became stable and my will became firm, an opportunity "naturally" arose. At 11:00pm, the police substation quieted down. There were two police in the room, one napping and another writing. I quickly stood up, opened the door and walked out. I went down the hallway, passed the gate under watch by the guards, and arrived at the yard. It was still quiet and I knew that I had succeeded. When I opened the steel gate of the yard, my mind and feet were not calm and my face hit the gate. Even though it did not hurt, I realized there should not be any uncertainty. Dafa's requirement for us is absolutely strict and absolutely righteous.

Anyway, I walked out nobly. Later I heard that the police found one person missing and asked the gate guards if they had seen anyone going out. The answer was no. They drove around for a while and then stopped. The other two practitioners were soon released because of their solid performance.

This incident furthers my understanding of cultivation during Fa-rectification. First of all, as long as we are firm in Dafa and Master Li, follow the requirement of practitioners as a whole in the Fa-rectification process and firmly go out to validate the Fa, we will be able to conquer and eliminate all the tribulations we encounter. Furthermore, during the progress of cultivation in Fa-rectification, validating Dafa with "Reason, Wisdom and Benevolence" can ensure better results and prevent evil forces from using karma and misconceptions that still exist in our superficial human side. Meanwhile, it is necessary to always maintain strong and righteous thoughts for validating Dafa. Stay calm and clear minded when facing the viciousness in tribulations, continue to send forth righteous thoughts after failing to do so in the beginning, and keep righteous thoughts even when facing the test of life and death. It is very important to eliminate the gaps in our minds and not give the evil forces opportunities to take advantage of them. It is even a matter of life and death! Therefore I would like to tell my fellow practitioners, following Master closely is the best cultivation way; always maintaining strong and righteous thoughts is the assurance of eliminating evil as well as upgrading xinxing and one's level. In the worst situation, completely putting down life and death is the basic requirement to overcome tribulations.

The evil forces will be completely eliminated. The day that the Fa rectifies the human world is coming soon and the oath of thousands of years will be fulfilled. Advance further! Dafa practitioners who are "For the same purpose, coming to the world!" ("Fulfilling the Wish," Master Li's Hong Yin).