[Clearwisdom Net] There are three brainwashing classes in the City of Shiyan, Hubei Province that illegally detain and torture Dafa disciples. Their criminal deeds are as follows:

  1. The Brainwashing Class in the District of Maojian
  2. The class started on Dec. 2nd, 2000 and illegally rounded-up more than 40 people. The place is in the Blue-Sky Yunlong Security-Protection Education Center, and its chief manager is Lan Jiyun (male).

    Each of the illegally seized Dafa students is forced to submit 50 Yuan each day. Among them, over 30 female Dafa students live there in one room, which does not have ventilation, and has only one exit with damp ground and quilts. Many students are with sallow faces, thin bodies, and backs aching from the horrible facilities and treatment within the compound. At night they are only permitted to go to the restroom inside their room in a demeaning manner. They need to ask for leave to go to restroom during the daytime. Furthermore, the vicious gangs carry the students into a room to "train their fists (beat them)." As they take turns beating, they have even said straightforwardly, " I know that you are good people, and you won't take revenge after being beaten. If an evil person gets beaten, I am afraid that they will take revenge." Mei X and Jiang XX instructed the security guards to beat the practitioners. One Dafa student said that they are not allowed to slander Dafa. He was met with several security guards who rushed forward and beat him leaving bruises all over his body. His abdomen was so heavily beaten that the student could not walk for several months and did not recover up until now.

    Another student was beaten to the point where he had a blood clot to his brain. As a result, his thinking is obscured, and his memory has degenerated.

    One young vicious policeman in the San Yan Police SubStation beat one female student in her sixties and shouted, "Each one we beat to death is one less to deal with!"

    On the morning of June 28, Dafa disciple Yu Jian was dragged on the ground causing injuries and was further exposed to the baking sun. Afterwards, he lay down on the bed and could not stand up, and his blood pressure rose. But the ruffians did not let him go free. On the morning of June 29, they dragged him into the classroom with his head down and feet up. Security personnel Xu Zhi and Wang Xinyin dragged Yu Jian and Luo Chenglan several times out of the classroom and threw them into another room in order to severely beat them. Perpetrators Mei Fang and Su Shulin, etc. stood outside the door while they secretly directed the scene.

    At midday on June 29, Dafa students began their hunger strike.

    The brainwashing class has now illegally captured 12 Dafa students, including Liu Mingzhi (female), Shao Xianmei (female), Li Zhongxue, Yu Jian, Luo Chenglan, the Luo Qihua couple, and Teacher Chen in the Medical School. Among them, four were seized and brought to the detention center.

  3. The Brainwashing Class in Zhangwan District
  4. Yan Judong; Deputy Director of Government Office of Zhangwan District; the chief torturer of Dafa students.

    Ming Tianxiang: Director of Politics and Protection Bureau in the Public Security Subdivision of Zhangwan District; very cruel and vicious.

    Yan Judong and Xia Baozhong shouted, "Beat with fists, with guns, with cannon until they give in." "Even if 1, 10, 100, or 1,000 of you die in the Education Class, I don't care." They beat and abuse Dafa students at will, hoping to drive the students into confusion and eventually death. Xia Baozhong once beat one female Dafa student in her fifties, knocking her out with just one punch. Furthermore, he hurt another over fifty year old female Dafa student's back and legs until they were bruised and discolored all over. Student Zuo Ligong was physically feeble (bleeding in the stool), but the vicious policeman Ming Tianxiang forced him to wash the car. Zuo said many times that he did not feel well and that he was not able to wash the car, but he was beaten into submission. Dafa students collectively discussed the issue with Yan Judong, but most of them were beaten and abused as a result.

    During February 2001, Dafa students collectively went on a hunger strike.

    The first day of the hunger strike, Dafa student Gao Yunfei was forcefully led to Room 203. One guard with the last name Wang slapped Gao's face and physical body, causing Gao's nose to bleed. The cruel guard smashed Gao's head against the wall and forced Gao to use his head to strike the wall again. Because Gao did not comply, he was made to stand all night. Dafa student Zhu Deming was beaten by seven or eight people and received many injuries and his nose bled. He was also forced to stand for a whole night. Dafa student Li Guoyun (61 years old)'s face, back and legs were beaten severely.

    The second day of the hunger strike, they continued with military training. At noon, Gao Yunfei and Zhu Deming were punished by making them stand throughout the night. Immediately afterwards they were jailed in a restroom for one day. In the morning Zhu Deming was handcuffed for half a day, and in the afternoon Gao Yunfei was fettered for half a day.

    On the fourth day of the hunger strike, many female Dafa students were dragged out from their quilts to the classroom with barely any clothes on.

  5. The brainwashing class in the No. 2 Automobile Factory
  6. Now here are jailed 14 Dafa students: Liu Qiusong (male, 53 years old), Chen Lianqing (female, 46 years old), Fang Anquan (male, 30 years old), Ruan Yanyan (female, 24 years old), Huang Lizhao, Wu Xianjun and Wang Shenglan, etc.

    Ruan Yanyan, was dragged by a vicious policeman called "Big Sun" from the 2nd floor to the ground.

    Huang Fang, was cuffed by the vicious policeman named Big Sun in the hallway of the 2nd floor because she practiced Falun Gong.

    Guo Rihong fainted because of "being forced up-backward cuffed" by Li Zhengshuang and a vicious policeman Big Sun.

    Wang Shenglan was chained to a window on the 2nd floor for two hours and fainted.

    Kang Yun was dragged from the 2nd floor to the 3rd floor by a single chain.

    Liu Qiusong was chained to a window on the 2nd floor by policeman Big Sun.

    Zhu Zhiyuan was thrown to the ground from the bed by a vicious policeman named Guan Zhijun.

    Kong Xin: was dragged by a chain from the 2nd floor to the 3rd floor by a policeman and a fireman (Wang Hui and Li Songfeng), because he tried to persuade the police not to beat people.

    Fang Anquan, was chained by the vicious policeman Big Sun, because he criticizes the police for beating people.

    Luo Shidai, Huang Chaodeng and Yang Yansun, were forced to "carry the sword on the back" (this is a slang name for the torture in which both hands are tied on the back of a person, with one hand forced over his shoulder to reach the other hand coming up from the back) by the vicious policeman;

    (Note: Dafa disciple Yao Yongfan (previously reported by Clearwisdom Net) who experienced a hunger strike for more than 30 days has already escaped the hospital by using righteous thoughts).

We appeal to the kindhearted people around the world to learn more about the truth and defy the persecution imposed on Falun Gong practitioners by the "Human Rights Scoundrel" Jiang Zemin and his cronies.

We solemnly warn the vicious authorities who have tortured Falun Gong students: it is a heavenly law that good is rewarded with good, evil is met with evil. If you continue with your wrongdoings, you will surely meet with retribution.

The number of the chief criminal in the 610 Office of Shiyan, Zhang Shuchun: 011-86-7190-8660578 (in charge the whole City of Shiyan, very cruel and vicious).

The phone numbers of the criminal officials in the No.2 Automobile Factory:

Miao Yu: the Party Secretary in the No.2 Automobile Factory, the phone number for the Chief Manager's Office 011-86-719-8263588

Li Youquan: Deputy Secretary of the No.2 Automobile Factory, 011-86-719-8263006

Ding Xueming: Director of Public Security Bureau of the No.2 Automobile Factory, 011-86-719-8224108

Wei Huanxin: Deputy Director of Public Security Bureau of the No.2 Automobile Factory, 011-86-719-8225426;

Pei XX: Director of Political and Protection Bureau of the No.2 Automobile Factory, 011-86-719-8221143 (in Shiyan City);

The Security Protection and Service Company of City of Shiyan:011-86-719-8881425;

Chief Manager Lan Jiyun of the Security Protection and Service Company of City of Shiyan: 011-86-719-8652181 (he is very vicious).