(Clearwisdom Net) Since July 20, 1999 (the date on which Falun Gong was first banned in China), whenever a "sensitive date" or holiday arrives, Dafa practitioners' homes are frequently monitored by police. In their approach, the police fail to respect the practitioner's individual rights and severely interfere with their normal way of life. These acts of harassment escalated sharply in the year of 2000. Since then, police have forced practitioners to attend brainwashing classes, beat and cursed them in public, detained them, and have also levied heavy fines. To date, the total amount of fines have reached 65,000 Yuan (The average monthly income of an urban worker is 500 Yuan.), with each person having to pay more than 3,000 Yuan.

In April 2000, three practitioners went to Beijing to validate Dafa. Once they arrived, they were detained by the local government and sent to the Qianmen police substation in Beijing where they were ferociously beaten. After being driven back from the Qianmen police substation in Beijing, they were then taken to the Cheliuzhuang police substation where they endured even more beatings. Cuffed to the wall, each practitioner had both of their hands pulled upwards and their feet could barely touch the ground. At the same time seven or eight persons slapped them, kicked their knees and beat them with rubber batons for more than one hour. One practitioner could hardly breathe after the beating. Fearing that she would die, they dragged her out of the room and cuffed her to the gate of the police substation. Then they resumed torturing the remaining two practitioners, for two or three hours, until one of them passed out and the other threw up. The next day, these practitioners were sent to the local detention center.

The supervisor of the township, Ma Yongting, ordered eight or nine people to beat one of these practitioners, a 57-year-old male. They beat him with a rubber baton, pulled his ears, slapped his face, and punched and kicked him all over his body. During this humiliation, they even forced his wife to look on. Frightened and shocked, she shook all over and could hardly bear to watch. After the beating, the practitioner's legs were swollen and were covered with bruises. He could not eat anything or walk normally for 3 days.

During this period, in an effort to prevent more practitioners from going to Beijing to appeal, the wicked police arrested more than 20 practitioners and forced them to do things that were against Dafa. If they didn't, they would be verbally and physically abused, even shocked with an electric baton. One practitioner vomited blood as a result of the torture. They were then illegally detained for at least 15 or 16 days, some more than 20 days. In addition to being incarcerated, they were also heavily fined.

In July 2000, about 15 practitioners were detained in a primary school. The unlawful workers at this school even ordered the pupils to swear at them, and forced them to sleep on the cement floor. Among them, a practitioner 2 months pregnant had been detained for 29 days.

On Oct. 25, 2000, 17 practitioners were kidnapped and sent to the town road station. There, unlawful officials ordered Ma Yongting to write some wicked words defaming Dafa. They then forced the practitioners to read all of what he had written. Those who refused to cooperate were beaten. One male practitioner passed out as a result. A practitioner, 5-months pregnant, was also forced to stand in one place until she could not stand any more. About one month later, the vicious officials would not allow any of these practitioners to go home until they wrote the so-called "guarantees to stop practicing" and paid the mandatory heavy fine. Those who refused were then sent to the Fangzi detention center for brainwashing.


The list of the criminals:

Address: The Cheliuzhuang Town government of Fangzi District, Weifang City.

Zip: 261201

Phone: 86-536-7677002, 86-536-7677001(office)

Supervisor of the township: Yin Yiquan

Phone: 86-536-7677008(home), 86-536-7677139(office)

Address: The police substation of Fangzi District, Weifang City

Zip: 261201

Phone: 86-536-767711

The head of the substation: Yu Naikong