(Clearwisdom.net) Before it was cleansed, the whole world was jet black in one dimension. Dark clouds roiled all over the sky, appearing like a gloomy and terrifying face staring at everything in the world. The sky was dark, the earth was dark and the wall surrounding the world was dark. There was no grass on the ground, only murky earth, and trees with branches resembling claws of ghosts. No living thing could be detected.

A great enlightened being sat uprightly in the center of the world. Many goblins crawled out of a horrible world and slowly approached you. They touched you with knives in their hands, and after seeing no reaction they climbed onto your body, head and shoulders. They bared their fangs and waved their claws, and some opened their awfully large mouths and tried to swallow you.

The ghosts are most afraid of the verse "the Fa rectifies the cosmos, the evil is completely eliminated." When your righteous thought was sent, when you started reciting it, your body would shoot out infinite golden rays that spread throughout the universe. Like blasting shockwaves, your energy dashes toward all, with unbounded power. Seeing that your righteous thought is out, instantly, the demons got intimidated and dispersed to run for their lives. Some were melted on the spot without a trace, some were exploded into pieces, and some had broken legs and arms. The ones with greater energy simply hurried to flee for their lives, and those with even greater energy wanted to fight and kill you. No matter how great their energy was, however, they couldn't even move a single hair of yours. Instantaneously, you dissolved them and they vanished completely.

By this time the sky had become blue and the clouds became white. Under the blue sky and the white clouds, everywhere, beautiful flowers sprung up all over the mountains and the valleys. The children in the city, who were nowhere to be seen before the cleansing, held hands and jumped among the flowers and grass. People walked out of the ancient city. Some were crying and some were beaming with joy. They were all grateful that Dafa saved them.