Our greeting to passersby has changed to a more urgent tone. "Excuse me, today is the 17th day of the hunger strike held by Falun Dafa practitioners in China. We urgently need your signature and support. 130 lives are in danger, but the Chinese government controlled by Jiang Zemin and his associates has not responded. The situation is extremely brutal and urgent..." Just like this, many copies of the urgent open letter to the Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany, Mr. Gerhard Schroeder, were handed out. To one practitioner's surprise, 300 copies of the letter were passed out in just a few minutes. The practitioner thought that since we had collected 500 signatures two days before, we did not need to actively approach the same group of people anymore. However, we thought that we must take the precious chance given to us by practitioners in China with their great suffering. We should call for help to all people in the world. We all have the character of laziness, and this trait has been taken advantage of by those forces who have interfered for the past two years. There were so many people walking by on the weekend, so there must be people that we missed the first time. If we do not make it clear to everyone the urgency of the situation, then we are not being responsible to them. After they learn about the situation, it is their decision whether to sign the appeal. We must let them know clearly about the situation and offer them this chance.

Many people with predestined relationships have recently learned about Dafa and the truth about the situation in China. A lot of people commented when they were signing their names, "Residents of East Berlin know all too well about the autocracy of the XX Party." Some businessmen said, "In such a country, where murderers are rewarded, everyone is so numb that they will not step forward to speak out a word of justice for people being tortured to death. Who dares to do business with them?" Many others said, "These murderers will host the Olympic Games. This is very disturbing." Some passers-by decided to take a newspaper clarifying the truth of Falun Gong after passing the booth several times. There were also some Chinese people passing by, and they often said, "They (Jiang Zemin and his associates) have gone too far. We cannot imagine them killing people like this. You should persist in what you are doing, because you are doing the right thing."

A reporter from the famous Berliner Abendschau TV program came to interview us the day before yesterday at around 5 AM. The interview was shown on TV on the same day at 7 AM. In the afternoon, we collected a lot of signatures, and some people came to sign their names after watching the TV program. A secretary from a big company told me, "A radio station has been broadcasting news about the SOS vigils here and in front of the Chancellor's Office once every hour for the whole day. There will be a rainstorm tonight, so take care!" Practitioners at both places sent forth righteous thoughts, and the rainstorm never came.