I would like to share some thoughts that I had during the sit-in with my fellow practitioners. Please feel free to give your comments and help me correct any improper thinking.

I'd like to start with a small story. Sitting on the grass, I was annoyed by the many bugs and mosquitoes. They bit me on the legs, the feet, the arms, and even my eyebrows. My mother was sitting next to me in the same area for the same period of time, yet the mosquitoes did not bite her at all. Mother said, " I am thinking that I am a goddess. The low-level creatures dare not come to bite a goddess, and they really don't come." I was ashamed and turned to look within to see where I had slacked off and was taken advantage of by the evil. I found that in my mind I had the idea of taking the biting for granted. I regarded it as "normal" that there are mosquitoes, and that the mosquitoes bite "people." Isn't this a "human" mentality? It is a reflection of whether you have an incorrect way of thinking or the mindset of a god that develops from cultivation practice.

Additionally, I took the mosquito bites as paying "karmic debts." Though I did not have the thought that "since I have karma, I will endure it if mosquitoes bite me," I had the mentality of passive endurance. Teacher said in his latest article "Fa-rectification Period Dafa Disciples", "Over the course of prehistory, everything of yours was being created, all along, according to how magnificent the disciples would be in the Fa-rectification period." At my current level, I realized that this "everything" includes the most macroscopic to the most microscopic things of our lives. Isn't our Benti (translator's note: one's physical body and the bodies in other dimensions) also included? Teacher has given us the most magnificent things. Everything within us is being adjusted to the right state and consummated in the Fa-rectification. There is no time for paying the petty karmic debts by letting the mosquitoes bite us. That is not what a Dafa disciple should do in the Fa-rectification period. Therefore, I should uproot these thoughts and behave like a real god. What the disciples can do, what they ought to do, and what they must do is to first deny this deviated mentality. We should use the Fa as a measurement and requirement in action and in thought, return to the state of gods in the best time of the cosmos, rather than treat the human side of our thinking as foremost. Teacher said, "For instance, when a person's body moves, the cells in the body will also move, and at the microscopic level all elements, such as all molecules, protons, electrons, and the most microscopic particles, will also move. Yet they have their own independent forms of existence, and the forms of the body in other dimensions will also undergo a change." (Zhuan Falun). He also said, "For a practitioner, one's mind-intent dictates supernormal abilities to do things."(Zhuan Falun).

Teacher has taught us the Fa-rectification verses. We are now using mind-intent to dictate our bodies in different dimensions, our divine aspects, and our supernormal abilities. Aren't we just like what Teacher said, "As a person sits there, without moving his hands or feet, he is able to do what others cannot do even with their hands and feet, and he can see the actual truth of each dimension in the universe. This person can see the truth of the universe and things that an everyday person cannot."(Zhuan Falun). To regard oneself as a human or as a god reflects whether he is measuring himself against the requirements of the Fa at deeper levels or just at a superficial level. It is actually a matter of whether your standpoint is on Dafa or on the ordinary human side. When the thoughts are extremely righteous, everything else will vanish. From the standpoint of the Fa, my Fa-rectification behavior in the human world should not be restricted by the norms of human behavior. Teacher said in "No Politics", "Any understanding below the realm of the higher principles of the Fa is no longer the truth of the cosmos." I realized that Teacher is taking us to that very high level. So we should see right through the principles of the ordinary human world and "use at will". It should be a state of being "at will" to anything in the realm below your level. As long as you conform to the characteristics of the cosmos: "Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance," then everything will be adjusted to the best state it should be in the mighty virtue of Dafa, since Dafa is perfect harmony. Of course, not being restricted by the norms of human behavior does not mean to have conflicts with the police, nor does it mean to violate the law, which would directly oppose the teachings of Dafa. How do we balance the relationship? Teacher said in "Lecture on the Fa at New Zealand Experience-sharing Conference": "They know that as students, they should study hard and naturally they'll do well." As long as you have righteous thoughts, then everything is under the control of the Lord of Buddhas, and everything will be perfectly harmonized to be supremely wonderful under the Buddhas' infinite grace. Everything deformed will be adjusted to be right without us being aware of it. This is the mighty power of Dafa. It can only manifest itself and be experienced and understood when the practitioner is melted into the Fa and has absolutely firm belief in the Fa.

Many practitioners in different countries have participated in the fasting in front of the Chinese Embassies to eliminate the evil. It is a blow to the evil, and we should not let up. It might seem static in this dimension, but it is dynamic in other dimensions. I feel that practitioners overseas are stepping into a new realm together. The process of Fa-rectification is accelerating with Teacher's power behind it.

Only when we catch up with this process will we be able to step forward in the current tribulation. My fellow practitioners, let's remember what Teacher said, "gradually getting rid of your human thoughts, and truly stepping forward from humanness." (Fa-rectification Period Dafa Disciples)

The above are my personal thoughts. Please feel free to comment and correct them.