(Clearwisdow.Net) The Voice of America reported that I was arrested (in China). The news spread like wildfire in my hometown. My old parents, therefore, got involved too. They don't practice Falun Gong and had been deceived by the lies spread by Jiang Zemin's regime in the past. They refused to listen to my explanation. Since I was young I have not had a good relationship with my parents. After I went abroad, we felt even more indifferent about each other. Probably for this reason, they did not care about what I believe or don't believe at all.

Since I started practicing Falun Gong, peace, tranquility, and kindness came out of my heart. Naturally, I felt guilty towards my parents. I then made a fresh start to reconcile our relationship. Kindness was incorporated in my action when I fulfilled my responsibility of showing filial obedience to them. I knew that was unselfish love out of compassion. My parents felt warm towards me immediately. The ice between us started to melt. They were even shocked: doesn't Falun Gong teach people to give up "Fame, Profit and Sentimentality?" I told them over phone that, giving up " Fame, Profit and Sentimentality" doesn't mean not respecting one's parents or not taking care of your children. These are all human kindnesses and it is the way it should be. However, a practitioner's love is deeper since it is unselfish. Only selfless love can be the purest, so it's also unchanged and can last forever.

My change resulted in my parents' change. A person had once said some insulting words to my parents about my practicing Falun Gong. My dad scolded him loudly, "My daughter is a person with guts. I am proud of her." Upon hearing this, the man lowered his head and said quietly, "I admire you, old man." My father used to have the symptoms of senile dementia. Since he became fearless, his life started to show some kind of artistic conception. All of these symptoms disappeared. Furthermore, he became more and more energetic.

In a recent phone call with my parents, I found that they had already started to clarify the truth of Falun Gong to their friends. They even asked if I had any requests for them. I said, please tell ten of your friends not to be deceived by the rumors and slander; please believe that Falun Gong is good. My father said, I must be able to find ten people who believe me; I will do it. My mother said, I will tell each of the ten people to tell the same words to ten of the people they are acquainted with; soon the scattered people who know the truth will join together.

When fear occupies the people's hearts, they will turn a blind eye to the truth. Let us melt the ice covering their hearts with our unselfish love and eliminate their fears. Master said, "Without fear, there is no element existing which can make you fearful." What replaces it must be the "Buddha-light illuminates everywhere and rectifies all abnormalities."