(Clearwisdom.Net) After the International Conference in Washington D.C., I studied Teacher's Fa Lecture and the article posted on Clearwisdom.Net entitled "To Fellow Practitioners" over and over again. I have some thoughts that I would like to share with everyone.

During his lecture, Teacher mentioned the number of people reaching Consummation: "I had originally planned to have at least fifty million... Right now we don't have enough." I strongly sensed the deep regret that Teacher has for those practitioners who should have met the requirements but have not yet done so. I realized that the entire new cosmos was created for its countless living beings, and the future of all living beings depends on the ripeness of each and every Fa particle. Every Fa particle is the manifestation, standard and embodiment of the Fa in its realm. He will evaluate and take care of countless living beings beneath his realm with the Fa principles to which he has enlightened. Within the entire system, from top to bottom, every Fa particle is crucial. Only when every Fa particle is diamond-like solid can the entire new cosmos become harmonious and never be broken.

At the 2001 Conference in Canada, Teacher mentioned that Fa Rectification would take place over two stages: "The first stage is the establishing of Dafa practitioners amidst Fa-rectification." At the 2001 Washington D.C. Conference, Teacher said, "...because your Consummation is of primary importance. Right now, your Consummation is first and foremost." At the same time, Teacher also talked about the Fa principle whereby "a dynasty's emperor has that dynasty's courtiers." From these Fa principles, I understand that every Dafa particle is very precious. During the Fa-rectification cultivation process in which we "Clarify the truth thoroughly, eliminate the evil with righteous thoughts, save all beings, and safeguard the Fa with determination," we must understand clearly how to learn from each other better in Fa study and cultivation practice, and to improve together.

Teacher said in Washington D.C., "they've [Dafa students] also come from different cosmic systems." A mature Fa particle will bear responsibility for the future of many beings in a cosmic system. This makes me think that during our current Fa-rectification activities, we should not overlook anything in this cultivation environment. Sometimes, because everyone is busy doing truth-clarification work, there is less discussion and sharing among practitioners, resulting in a lesser atmosphere for learning from each other in Fa study and cultivation practice. Many times, we are even too lazy to point out the obvious mistakes of our fellow practitioners. Is this a responsible act during Fa rectification?

I understand that the requirements that Dafa has for Dafa particles are very, very high, demanding us to do well in every aspect. The more difficult the situation gets, the more tense the environment becomes, the more our thoughts are being tested to see if we can still stay within the Fa. We may be safeguarding Dafa with everything we have, but if we don't have time to care about our fellow practitioners who are also Fa particles, can we say that we have reached non-omission?

Therefore, during the process of clarifying the truth, we shouldn't forget about our fellow practitioners at any given time. We should instead strengthen our Fa study and experience sharing, and let every particle truly understand what genuine participation in Fa rectification is so that we can keep up with the progress of Fa rectification.

Above is just my personal understanding. Kindly let me know if there is anything inappropriate.