(Clearwisdom.net) Macao practitioners usually distribute truth-clarifying materials to tourists from Mainland China in the afternoons at some scenic areas. After the Washington DC conference, in order to cooperate with the "SOS Urgent Rescue" action, we decided to have a walk on August 12 (Sunday), and hand out materials downtown.

On Sunday between 5am-7am, we had group practice and sent forth righteous thoughts, and then exchanged experiences. At 9:30am, we started walking and distributing SOS related Dafa materials together. Around 11am, some uniformed police started following us on foot. Soon, uniformed police riding motorcycles joined them. By around 11:30am, plainclothes police stood in our way and attempted to stop us from further marching and passing out the flyers. They also demanded to check our ID cards.

Practitioners went up to them and handed them Dafa materials, explained about Dafa and genially asked, "We did not violate any law. So why do you want to check our IDs?" The police blatantly replied, "Just take the IDs out; don't speak and don't ask!" The practitioners answered, "Since you do not have a valid reason, we will not comply with the inspection." The police officer rudely obstructed us, and fiercely threatened, "I suspect you are a smuggler." The practitioners stated directly, "Falun Gong practitioners are all good people and have no illegal activities." (In the past, the police had unlawfully taken the practitioners to police stations for questioning and their IDs had been checked numerous times. The police already had piles of the practitioners' information, but now they were even labeling us as smugglers! Police take notice: Please, do not abuse police power and violate the laws of Macao.) Then, uniformed horse-riding police, uniformed foot-patrolling police, horse-riding traffic police and plainclothes police from multiple departments arrived on the scene with police vehicles. A plainclothes police officer threatened us and did not allow us to walk and distribute materials. He grew restless and even attempted to use violence.

In his article "Fa-rectification and Cultivation" Teacher says "When a problem arises, we have to examine ourselves first to see whether things are right or wrong on our part. If we determine that it is interference or [an attempt to do] damage, when we deal with the specific problem we should try our best to be calm and kind to these people who are at the surface, because when the evil uses people, these people themselves usually aren't aware of it (although those people who are used are usually either people whose thoughts are just bad or people who have bad thoughts arising). As for the interference by evil in other dimensions, we must seriously eradicate it with righteous thoughts." The practitioners here believe that when Dafa and practitioners are suffering from the brutal persecution, and so many determined Dafa practitioners have been brutally tortured to death by Jiang Zemin's group in Mainland China, we Macao practitioners should firmly safeguard Dafa, clarify the truth, and appeal for SOS Urgent Rescue action. At the same time, we are offering salvation to the general public. Everything we are doing conforms to the Macao laws. Therefore, we must not cooperate with their unreasonable demands. However, we practitioners should adjust our own manner and try to be peaceful and compassionate.

Meanwhile, the practitioners took the initiative to distribute Dafa materials to the police, introduce Dafa and clarify the truth to them. We also sent forth righteous thoughts to clean up the evils. The confrontation lasted for about half an hour, with local residents watching us from a short distance away. Then, the situation gradually relaxed and we continued to walk and distribute materials. But a large number of police officers still followed us until about 12:00pm when we stopped at a restaurant to have lunch and send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evils. At that time, over a dozen police officers stood across the street and closely monitored us.

After lunch, practitioners continued to walk and distribute Dafa materials. Fewer police officers followed us. We continued to distribute materials at scenic spots until 5 o'clock in the afternoon. Finally, the police also left. "Actually, every Dafa disciple has abilities. It's just that the abilities do not manifest in the surface dimension, so they think that they don't have supernormal abilities. But regardless of whether they can manifest in the surface dimension or not, when a person's True Thoughts come forth, they are very powerful" ("Dafa Disciples' Righteous Thoughts are Powerful").

In this battle of good vs. evil, the evil forces are becoming weaker and weaker, and more and more helpless.