(Clearwisdom.net) One day my daughter told me, "I had a dream, Mom. I saw that we used to be each other's sister, teacher and student and relatives in our past lives. We all have oaths with our Master!" My daughter went on to tell me the following about her dream.

She said, "I saw a boy who asked me to return home as soon as possible and not to be reluctant to leave. He said everything manifest in everyday people is not good. He also asked me to do more Fa study and practice, to do whatever Master asks us to do. Later on my good friends in the Glazed Paradise also encouraged me to hurry up and return to my original paradise as quickly as possible. They said they are going to study the Fa, practice with me and stay by my side until I arrive in my own paradise."

"Then I saw a young woman in her twenties. She was talking to Master, who was communicating with hand gestures. She promised that she would come to the human world to attain the Fa from Master. I realized then that the young woman was me."

"Countless years later I arrived in this human world. During my stay here I did many bad things. My first human life was somewhere I don't remember, but I know I killed some black people. It was during the period when white and black people were fighting each other, and white people always attacked black people. Since I had to pay back the karmic debt I had gained by committing murder, I reincarnated as a black person in my next life and was frequently beaten up by white people since childhood. My ribs were broken several times, as was my collarbone. Finally I could not get up to walk any longer. I was discriminated against in a hospital and no one would look after me. My disease became more and more severe. Although I was transferred to several other hospitals, I eventually died as a result of my painful disease. In that lifetime, my present little baby brother was my friend, a cute little boy (He also promised to Master to come to this world to study the Fa, as well as to help us in upgrading our Xinxing)."

"When I reincarnated again as a black person, the white and black people were already at peace with each other. I hadn't been beaten that severely in that lifetime, after all. In that lifetime my current baby brother was my daughter, still a cute little child. I lived to be 80 or 90 years old. A few years after I died, my daughter died too. I then went to a place where people were waiting to reincarnate. Someone asked me where I wanted to go. At that moment I remembered that I had made a promise to Master, so I asked to attach to you, Mom, for our predestined relationship. I asked to be your daughter."

"My baby brother was supposed to incarnate as my twin sister, but his reincarnation was delayed for many years because of demonic interference. Demons obstructed him from reincarnating so relentlessly that he almost wasn't able to make it here even last year. Thinking that he may even be destroyed for what had happened, he still wanted to come to attain the Fa. Finally Master helped him so that the interference vanished. Only after that could he reincarnate smoothly."

"It is difficult to acquire a human body, but it is more difficult to attain Dafa! "