(Clearwisdom.net) I am a practitioner from China. I have cultivated in Dafa and have been doing Fa rectification for almost three years. My deepest and most important understanding is that we must righteously enlighten to Dafa's principles. Teacher has a section on "enlightenment" in Lecture Nine, Zhuan Falun. I firmly believe that if we are not able to righteously enlighten to Teacher's Fa, we will not be able to correct ourselves and truly assist in Teacher's Fa rectification. Righteously enlightening to Dafa's principle is the only way to assimilate to Dafa, to show and achieve everything that is righteous. Therefore, during Fa rectification cultivation, I believe that we as Dafa disciples must be clear on how to cultivate ourselves to become pure and righteous and how to assist Teacher in Fa rectification. We must truly eliminate the evil, save more living beings, and perfectly harmonize Dafa because "The Fa can reveal all attachments, the Fa can eradicate all evils, the Fa can expose and dispel all lies, and the Fa can strengthen righteous thoughts (Teacher's article, 'Deter Interference')."

My Righteous Insights on the Universe and Life

During my Fa rectification cultivation, I have enlightened more and more that the foundation of our universe and the foundation of life are all the Fa, and that they are all correct. The universe should not have evil, viciousness, or incorrectness. The Fa is righteous and compassionate. The Fa gives goodness, glory, happiness, and eternity to all lives. If the living beings have gone astray from the Fa, have done wrongdoings, and are not corrected, they will end up in terrible self-destruction and painful suffering. This is why there are higher connotations to "Good will be rewarded with good, evil will meet with evil." Therefore, when lives do wrongdoings or show other selfishness, they are harming others and actually harming themselves. Living beings show their wisdom, are truly responsible for themselves, and live forever in the universe when they turn to kindness, assimilate to Dafa's "Truth, Compassion, Tolerance," and act righteously.

"To treasure Dafa is to treasure one's own life." Only those who can assimilate to Dafa's ultimate principle and the Fa (Truth, Compassion, Tolerance) in the boundless cosmos can have the true happiness. The superficial happiness is only a state and form within the level of a living being where it lives. Dafa disciples are "beings who are being established for Dafa (Teacher's Lecture in Canada in 2001)." It is a life's special glory and rare opportunity to be able to follow Master (the name used in this world) to rectify the Fa and eliminate evils, and at the same time, to save lives and thus give boundless happiness to living beings. That is also assimilating to the pure compassion described in Teacher's poem, "Colder in Higher Places:"

"Taking care of all human affairs,

Looking after heavenly suffering.

To whom should the words be told?

It's even colder in higher places."

I have also come to understand the "mysteries of the universe, time-space, and the human body."

Some of My Righteous Insights on Fa Rectification Cultivation

Before and after the Fa rectification began, quite a few people asked me, "Why do you believe in Falun Gong so firmly?" I frankly said, "Falun Dafa is good and talks about 'Truth, Compassion, Tolerance.' It shows kindness and righteousness. We should behave this way as a human. Also, it is a true cultivation of a righteous way." In the article "A Brief Explanation on Compassion (Shan)," Teacher said, "The vast cosmic body was born of the cosmos' quality, Zhen-Shan-Ren. Dafa's public teaching has re-demonstrated the past, primordial nature of the living beings of the universe." This has revealed Dafa's principles in the level of the human world: humans should do the same (as practitioners are doing), to learn Dafa, and be a good person. Therefore, I believe that cultivating Dafa without the heart of pursuit is a living being's joy, and a manifestation of returning to truth and righteousness. Otherwise, it would be not respecting Dafa.

Many people, those who have been deceived and those who do not want to come out to validate Dafa, cannot understand why Dafa disciples keep promoting Dafa and saving people while being seriously mistreated. They even slander such a great and righteous manifestation. I often tell those who don't understand us, "It is the same for any human being. When Dafa is slandered and persecuted for no reason, and when the good people who cultivate Dafa are tortured and killed, kindness itself is being trapped and killed. As long as one is still like a human, he will stand up for justice." For those who had learned Dafa but still don't want to or don't understand why they come out to validate Dafa, I feel that their state and behavior is close to that of the vicious beings. Dafa includes the principles in the human world; that is, a human being should be upright and have a sense of justice, not fear the power and violence, and thus uphold justice. Therefore, I feel that both mankind and gods should be righteous. For a cultivator, it is to show greater compassion and be responsible for all living beings.

During the Fa rectification cultivation, I firmly believe that we must "take the Fa as teacher" all the time. We must constantly guide our Fa rectification cultivation using our righteous enlightenment of the Fa at different levels. We must not follow the feelings, human emotions, dreams, or what Tianmu (celestial eye) sees, all of which are not the true manifestation of the Fa. Especially in the Fa rectification cultivation, there is the factor that the evil in the universe creates some false images to interfere and cause damage. Therefore, we must keep righteous thought on everything. Whenever we encounter something related to the Fa, we must rationally and sober-mindedly analyze and make decisions using compassion. We shall immediately use righteous thought to eliminate evil whenever there is evil interfering and causing damage.

Teacher sees everything that happens. When something happens, Teacher is watching whether the disciples can righteously enlighten to how to cultivate and how to rectify the Fa. "One was that I also wanted to see how my disciples -- those extraordinary gods who will reach Consummation in the future -- would act in the midst of this catastrophic tribulation (Teacher's Lecture at the Great Lakes Conference in December 2000)." The Fa is absolutely righteous and correct. Sometimes when we cannot understand a thing, a situation, or even a sentence of the Fa, "...as a matter of fact, this results from an inadequate understanding of the Fa by your human side ('Expounding on the Fa')." In other words, we should use the Fa to correct the misunderstanding, instead of fitting it to the human misunderstanding or incomplete understanding. Otherwise, that's not being responsible to oneself and that is where self-damage begins.

Some of My Righteous Insights on "Completely Oppose Everything Arranged by the Evil Old Forces"

"Those most evil ones, though, will be used until the very end, because there continue to be Dafa disciples stepping forward, and the evil old forces need to use them to test Dafa disciples. This is the reason why those most evil scoundrels are still rampantly doing evil." "A Dafa disciple completely opposes everything arranged by the evil old forces. ('Dafa is Indestructible)." My righteous enlightenment is that Teacher has revealed to us the evil old force's vicious arrangement in the human world. The arrangement is to protect the worst vicious being until the last moment, so that they can achieve their selfish goal of continually interfering with and damaging Dafa.

In the meantime, Teacher has told the disciples to completely deny the vicious arrangement.

In the article "Effect of Righteous Thought," Teacher further exposed the evil old forces' vicious arrangement, "Before the Fa-rectification, the old forces crammed the lowest-level section of each of those tens of millions of remote cosmic systems into the Three Realms of the central cosmic system where we are. Seemingly, this was to prevent them from being left out of the Fa-rectification, and this was also to show that they took part in Fa-rectification. In reality, they were using Fa-rectification to reach their selfish ends... Some beings and objects have even been segmented into many layers, almost with particles of each layer segmented into a separate layer.... So, this is why some evil beings can be eliminated in one shot when Dafa disciples send forth righteous thoughts, while others cannot be eliminated easily in one shot and it even takes many times to eliminate them. This is the case for those chief evil ones in Mainland China. But no matter how difficult it is, you must steadfastly eliminate the evil with righteous thoughts."

My righteous enlightenment is as follows. The evil old forces are trying to increase the difficulty of Fa rectification and are interfering with Dafa disciples' elimination of evils with their righteous thoughts. They try their best to take advantage of the gaps to block Dafa's effort of using righteous thoughts to destroy their tools for doing evil, which are the leaders of the vicious people in China, so that they could prolong their time of interfering with and damaging Dafa. But all of these are within Teacher's control. Teacher kindly instructed the disciples, "But no matter how difficult it is, you must steadfastly eliminate the evil with righteous thoughts." Therefore, I righteously enlightened to that all Dafa disciples should find a fixed time to use righteous thoughts to eliminate the head vicious beings in China and the gaps that they are correspondent to. (Note from the editor: Many practitioners in China and oversea are already sending forth righteous thoughts every morning and evening to eliminate evil.) In the meantime, when we use righteous thought to eliminate evil, we cannot allow the evil old forces to create illusion to confuse and interfere with us. We shall truly and completely destroy the evil old forces and their vicious arrangement, so that we can get rid of the evil, save more living beings, and perfect harmonizing Dafa.

Above is just some of my personal understanding to share with you. If there is anything incorrect, please point out with compassion.