(Clearwisdom.Net) Since it first began on July 9, our 24-hour Appeal Station, in front of the Chinese Embassy in Berlin, has already lasted a whole month. During this month of spending the night on our watch, exposing all aspects of the evil and clarifying the truth, we have truly accomplished "Without having any organization forms, we have been following the path of the Great Way with no formalities...." (This is a quotation from an article written by Mr. Li Hongzhi on Dec. 25, 1998, "To Veteran Students in Beijing.") Based on individual convenience and personal schedule, practitioners from various places in Germany formed different sized groups and took turns joining us in this continuous event. One after another, a new group would come to relieve the last. Practitioners from other German states all came without any hesitation and almost every practitioner who was able joined us. Among those was an eighteen-month-old practitioner. Everyone who passed by accepted the newspapers we were handing out. Many university students worked very hard, and now that they are on summer break, they have to quickly earn enough to afford their living expenses for the entire year. Even with this burden, they still found time to come to the Chinese Embassy to send forth righteous thoughts and to practice the exercises. As they were leaving, they said they would return if they had time. Those who could not attend would ask whether there were enough jackets and sweaters for them to keep warm, and they also provided material support. The residents of Berlin also took special care of our basic necessities, lent their suggestions and gave us moral support.

Each day, dozens of people came and, without hesitation, signed their names to a petition of support for us. Three weeks ago, Chinese people began stopping by, on their own initiative, to sign their names in support. This indicates that the foundation on which Jiang Zemin and his gang rely upon for their activities, (such as to fabricate a story and spread it around, or to make a case that frames Falun Gong) has begun to collapse. Every day we heard someone tell us, "I cut out your letter that was published in the newspaper, and have mailed it to the German Foreign Minister."

Yesterday, a sixteen-year-old German teenager came over to sit with us. He also requested some signature forms to take back to his school so he could collect more signatures among his schoolmates. In the evening, he brought us his letter to the German Chancellor. He asked for the detailed mailing address so that he could mail it sooner. The letter was not long, but it was filled with justice, "When I heard about the "Wanjia Cruelty Case," about how fifteen imprisoned female Falun Gong practitioners had been suffering brutal torture, and the Jiang Zemin gang later claiming that they were suicides, it made me feel very sad. Although I am only sixteen years old, I would like to ask you, Mr. Chancellor, to make a statement in favor of stopping the most inhuman, most immoral behavior in the world."

One day, while I was doing the practice in the rain, I opened my eyes and saw a police officer standing in front of me, who asked, "Is there anyone making trouble for you? Is everything OK? Are you all by yourself?"

"No trouble at all. Falun Gong has no organization, nor registrations. Whoever has time and wants to come, they will come. I do not know who will come today, nor how many people will come." I replied.

When one of the older police officers left, he said goodbye to the practitioners and added, "We cooperated with each other very well today."

Yesterday, we posted a big Falun symbol and articles about some archaeological finds from all over the world, with an explanation in German about this swastika symbol. After a while, it began to rain heavily, but there were more people signing their signatures in the rain than there had been in normal weather.

Whenever I sent forth the righteous thoughts, or whenever it was a pleasant time, I felt that Master was by my side every minute. Whenever I encountered any difficulties, I would remember that Master has endured all of that which we are unable to endure. What Master has left for his disciples must be at the level that a disciple can endure. Whenever we encountered hardships, we would get through them by studying the Fa.

There were eight different media representatives who interviewed us.

More than ever before, Germans seem to be searching for deeper cultivation, the meaning of life, the mysteries of the universe and returning to one's true self. Consequently, more people are obtaining the Fa. It made us realize that Master's Law Body is guiding all of the predestined people without leaving out a single one. One German young man had been injured on the second day after obtaining the Fa, and he immediately realized that it was a test. So, he went to the weekend practice site and insisted on finishing the entire five sets of exercises, even though he could not move his arms. Later on, he came over and attended our discussion session until late at night, where he came to understand why there were so many disruptions and tribulations in his life after obtaining the Fa.

No matter what we may encounter, we will continue our 24-hour, SOS Urgent Appeal, until the day the Fa has rectified the world.