(Clearwisdom.net) On the morning of June 4, 2001, thirteen Falun Dafa practitioners were forcefully taken away by vicious police while they were participating in the Falun Dafa cultivation experience sharing in Majia Village, Sunjiaji Township, Shouguang City. During this incident, two practitioners were brutally killed while in police custody and several other practitioners were severely wounded, as reported by Clearwisdom.Net.

With the help of some kind-hearted people and Falun Dafa practitioners, four of the detained practitioners successfully escaped from the den of evil. The bodies of these practitioners are a testimonial to the torture inflicted by the Jiang Zemin regime. Innocent civilians bear the evidence of such torture, as can be seen by the photo of Liu Aiqing, one of the victims.

Liu Aiqing, a 25-year-old single female, was dismissed from her job at the Shouguang Phosphate Fertilizer Factory, Shouguang, Shangdong, because she maintained her personal beliefs and continued to practice Falun Gong. This kind, defenseless Chinese girl endured immense torture, but remained steadfast to her principles.

On the afternoon of June 4, 2001, in the police station of Sunjia Village, the barbaric policemen forcefully grabbed her by her shoulder and arms, hit her forehead with fists, and repeatedly slapped her face. As a result, her shoulder and arms were completely covered with bruises, her forehead and face were swollen, and her lips were bulging. On the same night, she was sent from the village to the city detention center.

Several days later, the warden, along with the inmates there, secluded six female practitioners, placing them in a solitary cell. These innocent women were handcuffed to metal chairs with their legs and feet bound with iron chains. As these women were helplessly restrained, a group of wardens proceeded to brutally beat them with a leather belt, a "billy club" (rubber stick stuffed with an iron or lead bar), and an electric baton. Liu Aiqing''s arms were paralyzed and breathing became difficult. Her head dropped down due to fatigue. She experienced extreme pain in her back, throat, chest, breasts, and areas where the electric baton had hit her. Because of this extreme torture, she could not help screaming out in pain.

Not long after the beating, fellow practitioner Li Guojun began to shiver. Her entire body was shaking, but the heartless police said she was pretending, and used this as an excuse to increase the beating. They, as a group, continued beating her, until she totally collapsed, leaving them no choice but to take her away.

Fellow practitioner Wang Guirong fell on the floor in convulsions due to the severe and repeated shocks from the electric baton. Li Yinping, a young female practitioner, was stripped; leaving her upper body exposed while the diabolic police tortured her with an electric baton. The sadistic villains even threatened to inflict electric shock from the electric baton to her lower body region (implying her genitals).

The cell was filled with a horrifying contrast of sounds -- screams of the tortured Falun Dafa practitioners mingled with the laughter of the wicked perpetrators.

On the second day, Liu Aiqing was sent to a hospital because she had been tortured so severely that she was near death. Medical examinations showed Liu Aiqing was suffering from many physical injuries, including: blood in her urine; low blood pressure; and dehydration. A great deal of blackened, coagulated blood was pumped out of her swollen legs. Several days later, a compulsory overflow operation was conducted, leaving her leg with two huge holes.

One morning, over ten thugs forcibly pushed her down on the bed and administered an injection without her consent. Shortly afterwards, she lost consciousness. When she awoke around 4PM, she noticed that plastic surgery had been performed to replace the damaged skin on her legs. This surgery was performed solely for the purpose of hiding the evidence of the extreme torture she had endured.

The vicious police also subjected her to brainwashing. More than ten people took turns working on her. They sealed the hospital window of the patient's room in an attempt to conceal the truth from other people. About two months later, Liu Aiqing miraculously escaped from the hospital.

Since July 20, 1999, the criminal deeds of the evil law enforcement personnel have been too numerous to record. Daily reports are received of the physical and mental abuse inflicted on innocent practitioners who continue to be true to their principles and values of truthfulness, compassion, and tolerance. We will expose more details in the upcoming follow-up reports.

Addendum of the people who persecuted Falun Dafa practitioners:

Sunjiaji Township Government: Fang Shiping (formerly Huying Rural Subdivision)

Police Dept. of Shouguang City: Wu Guangzheng, Zhou Liande.

For the phone number of the officers directly responsible for the murder, see the article "A Supplementary Report on the Torturing to Death of Falun Dafa Practitioners in Shouguang, Weifang, Shandong Province" published on June 30, 2001 on Clearwisdom.Net.