This fellow practitioner that I know, (I always call her elder sister) is a practitioner from the countryside in the north. She is doing very, very well in the Fa-rectification. The following are a few small incidences in the life of this fellow practitioner:

1. Going without food and water in a brainwashing class to conquer the evil.

A couple of months ago, elder sister and her younger sister were both forced into the brainwashing class in my county. They did not cooperate with the evil in any way. They did not listen to any requests from the villains, and asked for their release because they were innocent. However, the evil would not let them go unless they would write a guarantee, and burn Dafa books. As a result, elder sister and her younger sister did not cooperate with the evil persecutors; they went on a hungerstrike and would not take water, instead. After elder sister came home, she said to me that she really felt very bad after she had been on a hunger strike for several days. She was extremely thirsty so that it was really difficult to forbear. But, when she thought of Teacher and Dafa, she was firmly determined to persevere to the end.

Elder sister's younger sister started spitting blood after two to three days into the hunger and thirst strike. The villains were afraid that she would die so they let her go. Several days later, elder sister's body was deteriorating badly, so she was sent to the county hospital. In the hospital, elder sister continued not to cooperate with the requests of her tormentors. At the end, afraid that she would die, they got elder sister's family members to come and take her away under one condition -- that she utter one sentence saying she would not practice anymore or that she just say the word "no." However, elder sister just said: "Firmly practice Dafa with one's heart unmoved." Even though elder sister's husband didn't practice Falun Dafa, he respected Dafa practitioners very much, and he especially respected the Teacher. He also thought that we could not condone the actions of this gang of scoundrels. Then, he said to the persecutors in all seriousness, "Since you were the ones who captured her, I will give you two choices. One is that you will let me take her home. Two is that I will go home and leave my wife with you. But if anything happens, I will hunt you down and make you pay for this!" At this, the evil villains got scared and released elder sister unconditionally.

2. I don't feel ashamed because I try to become a good person, while you because you are corrupted, shamelessly gamble, go whoring, wine and dine.

A few days after elder sister returned home, she was called to the county 610 office (An office created by the government to deal specifically with Falun Gong issues). The villains at the 610 office still wanted elder sister to write a guarantee. Elder sister then started telling them the true story of Dafa and also told them how good is rewarded with good and evil with evil. The head of 610 was not clear-headed, and perversely said: "You're still going to practice? Don't you feel ashamed!" Elder sister then said: "I don't feel ashamed because I try to become a good person, while you because you are corrupted, shamelessly gamble, go whoring, wine and dine." The people in the 610 office were so angry that they couldn't say anything. Since elder sister had no fear at all, the villains didn't know what to do. Elder sister often said to these personifications of evil: "My head can be cut off, my blood can be shed, but Dafa can't be lost." In the end, the evil scoundrels let her go home. Neither the county 610 office nor the brainwashing class could do anything with elder sister. So they asked her township government to monitor her. The township officials did not dare to work with elder sister at all, because she was too determined. People from the government and police bureaus all were likely to be transformed by elder sister, so they rarely went to her house.

3. "You guys can come, but you must say Falun Dafa is good!"

Once it was during the "sensitive" period, [note: periods of special holidays or government activities the government deems sensitive and likely to have more practitioners come out to appeal] county officials would ask the local police to go to elder sister's house and look around. But elder sister just said to them: "If there are no problems, don't come to my house. It is all right if you guys come; but you must say Falun Dafa is good!" A few days later, the deputy superintendent of the police bureau went to elder sister's house. When he got to the front door, he first yelled out: "Falun Dafa is good!" Elder sister then let him in, and afterward she told him the truth of Falun Dafa.

On July 22nd of this year, the police bureau was afraid that elder sister would go to Beijing, so the superintendent called her house early in the morning. When elder sister picked up the phone, she heard the superintendent and another person talking about Dafa and Teacher. Elder sister immediately said: "What are you doing? Don't casually talk about our Teacher, you must respect our Teacher!" Then the superintendent at once said: "Alas! I again committed a wrong deed." Elder sister then again explained to the superintendent that Falun Dafa is good.

4. You can take pictures if you want; but bring red cloth and write "Falun Dafa is good" on it and then I will carry it on my back.

July 22 drew nearer, the county officials were still afraid that elder sister would go to Beijing. They wanted to take pictures of elder sister, but she didn't cooperate at all. [Note: the authorities at the local level take photos of all known Falun Gong practitioners in order to track and monitor them better even though they have never committed any crime.]

They said: "You must have your pictures taken, everyone else has already gotten them taken, you need to have your pictures taken today." Elder sister said: "You can take pictures if you want. But there is one condition that you bring a red cloth, write "Falun Dafa is good" on it, and I will wear it. Then you may take my picture." What elder sister said almost made them go crazy. In the end, many Dafa practitioners had their pictures taken and only elder sister did not and refused to cooperate with the arrangements of the evil forces.

5. "Can you keep me from going to Beijing? If I want to go, I will go."

Because elder sister was really firm, the labor camps did not want her, brainwashing classes were afraid to have her, and 610 office couldn't do anything. In the end, the evil persecutors said to her: "As long as you don't go to Beijing, we will let you do anything. You can pass out flyers and we will pretend we don't see anything, okay?" Elder sister said: "Can you keep me from going to Beijing? If I want to go, I will go." They said: "If you go to Beijing, we will send you to a labor camp." Elder sister said: "What you say cannot count." "What we say does not count, then whose saying will be counted?" "Only what my Teacher says counts!"

Because the persecutors were afraid that elder sister would go to Beijing, they often called her house to ask some questions. For example: "Has anyone come to your house? How has it been lately?" They also would say to her: "We are doing this because we are concerned about you." Elder sister finally told them: "In the future, don't call my house. You call this being concerned? If this is being concerned, then everyday when you get home from work, I will give you a phone call. And then you tell me, who has come to your house on this day, whom have you talked to, and what you have done. Can you do tell me? Is this called being concerned?!" As a result, they never called elder sister again. They didn't come to her house either, because they were all afraid to see her.

6. Sending forth righteous thoughts and freezing a villain in place.

Elder sister told me that during the past few days, she and her younger sister had been going to a county town to hand out truth-clarifying literature, but they were discovered by an undercover special agent. The agent started chasing them and elder sister and her younger sister started running. In the end, they really couldn't run anymore. Then elder sister thought: "Why are Dafa practitioners afraid of evil villains? Then, they both started sending forth righteous thoughts together. Elder sister thought: "Freeze that evil villain in his place!" Then, elder sister said that Teacher's face immediately appeared in front of her eyes. She looked at the policeman again. It was just like the Monkey King who fixed the demon in place in "Journey to the West" (a Famous Chinese Tale). The policeman was standing there, not moving one bit, like he had no soul. Elder sister and her younger sister then continued to pass out truth-clarifying literature. It was said that the agent remained frozen in place for a very, very long time.