(Clearwisdom.net) One week before the summer vacation, I read some news from the Internet that Falun Dafa Seminars had been held especially for school teachers in the teachers' summer training sessions in Gaoxiong and Taoyuan Counties. The thought came to mind that we too could hold similar classes in Tainan County. It meant that I would have to apply for the class, get approval, post it, and notify the teachers within a week. It seemed impossible, but we did it. We successfully held a Falun Dafa seminar oriented towards school teachers from August 6 to 12, 2001. During this time, we also applied to hang up Falun Dafa banners in Xinying City. Falun Dafa banners were hanging in every street of the city, bringing an air of peace, tranquility, and a bliss of Dafa spreading to the land. We hoped people could be awakened. We couldn't help calling out from our hearts: those who have the predestined relationships, please come over to attain the Fa. Master is waiting for you.

Teacher said in "To All Students at the Nordic Fa Conference": "Every student should, in addition to participating in group activities, in his daily life fully take the initiative of a Dafa disciple, establish his own mighty virtue in the process of clarifying the truth, and do well on his own Dafa disciple's path. So in clarifying the truth, don't wait, don't rely on others, and don't just hope for changes in external factors. Every one of us is creating history for the future, that's why everyone is not only participating in group activities, but also taking the initiative to look for work to do. As long as something is good for Dafa, you should take the initiative to do it, take the initiative to work on it. Every person you come into contact with in society is someone to clarify the truth to, and what's manifest in clarifying the truth is Dafa disciples' mercy and salvation of the people of the world. I hope that every Dafa disciple will fully take initiative and fully play his role as a Dafa disciple."

During the process of applying for the seminar, I felt deeply what Teacher had said in the article, "...don't wait, don't rely on others." As a housewife, I knew nobody in the Education Bureau of Tainan County, let alone to get the approval from the head of the bureau. I only wanted to do it well. So I went to visit him by myself and took with me Falun Dafa literature. I talked to him about the significance of the seminar. To my surprise, he immediately said, "Yes." He told me to do it quickly, otherwise it would be too late. He also promised to give credit to the teachers attending the seminar. I asked him about the procedure. He said that I had to look for a school where the seminar could be held. As long as the schoolmaster agreed to host it, everything would be fine. Upon hearing this, I went to the nearby grade school to visit the headmaster. He was very supportive when he learned that it was a Falun Dafa seminar. He himself had been longing to learn it. It gave me more confidence. I immediately contacted Falun Dafa practitioners from all walks of life, asking them to share their experience at the seminar. We worked out the curriculum in less than one day. The next day, we asked the Social Education Office of the Education Bureau to announce the seminar on the their website and start the registration. It was amazing to be able to apply for an activity so quickly. The head of the education office finally asked whether we had beings in higher levels to help us with such a timely application. In fact, no one in higher ranks in this human world has rendered any particular help. But in other dimensions, I think, our Master must be helping with the whole thing. We were grateful to the Master for this opportunity.

Falun Dafa Seminar for Teachers' Summer Training in Tainan County was thus held from August 6 to 12, 2001 in the Xinjin Primary School in Xinying City. Over 100 people attended the seminar, including primary schoolmasters, middle school principles, teachers, and Falun Dafa practitioners.

Huang Xuxin, head of the Education Bureau in Tainan County, and Zhang Qingxi, Chairman of the Falun Gong Association in Taiwan and an Economics professor in Taiwan University started the opening ceremony. Mr. Huang gave no comments on Falun Gong being banned in mainland, but he said that in the democratic and free Taiwan, we should look at the effect of Falun Gong on the society and people's mind and judge from that. Falun Gong is pursuing "Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance" and has caused no social problems in Taiwan. On the contrary, it has positive effects in helping people achieve physical and mental health. Therefore, it is worthwhile to encourage and advocate any social groups or Qigong practice that have positive effects on society. Mr. Huang modestly admitted that he didn't know much about Qigong, but he knew that Falun Gong was a very good Qigong practice. That's why he approved of the seminar. He hoped that every headmaster and teacher would benefit from the class and have a better health and happier mood.

The seminar lasted for 7 days, three hours in the morning and three hours in the afternoon. The program included Master's nine-day lecture in Guangzhou, practitioners' experience-sharing, learning the five sets of exercises, videotapes introducing Falun Dafa, and a photo display of the persecution in China of practitioners, thoroughly clarifying the truth. It was a complete curriculum for the teachers attending the seminar. They have come to know the truth of Falun Gong. They also learned that it was unreasonable and beyond tolerance for Jiang's government to carry out the persecution.

The seminar is a good experience that could be spread in Taiwan. School teachers usually have great influence on society. Primary and middle school are the bases of our education. If teachers could teach students to focus on the improvement of one's xinxing (heart or mind nature), that is to practice "Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance" at an early age, then harmony can be achieved in the society. If they could teach students to think of others first and always be considerate of other people, then there would be no conflicts. The human world would become a pure land. How nice that would be! Why don't we help achieve it?