In order to help all beings know the truth of Falun Gong and not be influenced by the evil for too long, we need to make full use of our time to expose the evil thoroughly and offer salvation to all beings.

Every morning at 3AM, after I wake up in my car and replace another practitioner, I practice the five sets of Falun Gong exercises three times for a total of six hours. I believe the passengers in cars will see some of the exercises, even in heavy traffic. When a practitioner takes my place, I go to my car to rest, study the Fa and write articles. Thus, time passes very quickly. If someone wants to explore Dafa and the persecution more thoroughly, then the time passes even more quickly. If no one comes, I study the Fa.

It fills much of my time every day to write letters to the Prime Minister and the Foreign Minister of Germany to report how Germans support Falun Gong. I also participate in group study in Berlin. How can 24 hours a day be enough? In the past month, I have been very energetic after sleeping for half an hour. The demon of sleepiness is driven away after I practice four sets of exercises.

Soon there will be a 24-hour SOS Urgent Appeal booth in front of all the Chinese Embassies and Consulates in Europe, so I would like to share my experiences. There are usually more passers-by on weekends than weekdays. Also, more people come to speak with me in detail on the weekends. One practitioner needs to go to sleep early to wake up at 3AM to take over. In this way, the practitioner at the site can always be alert and in the best state to promote Dafa and clarify the truth. A group near a practitioner's home in Berlin recently had a dozen new members. Most of them obtained Dafa from the 24-hour SOS Urgent Rescue booth across the street from the Chinese Embassy.

The practitioners who stay there for a long time each have their own special language skill. Since the Chinese Embassy is located in the former East Berlin, many people here speak Russian. One practitioner is fluent in Russian, which is very useful. Many tourists come here from English-speaking countries, so a German practitioner who speaks English plays an important role. When Chinese people come, I speak more.

Last night, the host of a program called "Human Behavior" interviewed me. It airs on the Free Open Cable TV Station. The host said that when he was wondering what topic to cover this week, he "happened" to pass by the Chinese Embassy and saw us. He immediately decided that Falun Gong was the best choice. Perhaps he was interested in the sharp contrast of the Chinese government's persecution and the peaceful, yet firm resolve of the practitioners. The interview was broadcast live, and listeners phoned in questions. Some people were very appreciative of the opportunity to discuss openly their questions about Falun Gong. Some people also asked, "Why is there a crackdown? Falun Gong is persecuted so brutally in China, what can we do?" A German practitioner and I answered many questions from the viewers. The SOS Urgent Appeal booth has played a very positive role in clarifying the truth and saving all beings.

August 13, 2001, Monday

In front of the Chinese Embassy at Berlin, Germany