Ms Wang Aijuan, 43, was an employee at the Cotton Textile Factory.á

At nightfall on April 3, 2001, when Ms. Wang Aijuan, Ms. Li Zhilian and Ms. Song Hongzhi went to distribute Falun Gong truth-clarifying materials in Qingchi Town, they were arrested by the evil policemen from the Fangzi Branch of Weifang Police Station, and savagely beaten. Two days later, they were sent to Fangzi Detention Center illegally. The three of them refused to cooperate with the evil and started on a hunger strike as soon as they arrived at the detention center. On the fourth day (April 6), Fangzi's National Security Team led by Wang Quanfeng (male, age around 38, the head of the Team) cruelly beat the three practitioners who were illegally detained. Wang Quanfeng and other policemen trampled on the practitioners' heads and kicked them. The wicked people led by Wang Quanfeng and Li Jinsheng (the head of the detention center, male, around 44) together with other prisoners from the working units were elicited to force-feed the practitioners. The practitioners resisted. The policemen then threw the practitioners to the ground and stepped on their temples not allowing them to move at all. If they did move, they were cruelly kicked in the breasts and groin area. The practitioners' bodies were covered with wounds, but the practitioners did not give in.

On the fifth day (April 7), the torture intensified. Wang Quanfeng and Li Jinsheng gathered together a large number of prisoners to forcibly drag the three practitioners outside and tied them onto iron benches (a torture instrument). The police and their accomplices, totaling 40-50, surrounded the practitioners and started to abuse them. Policeman Li Jinsheng blasphemed Master Li and Dafa. When Ms Li Zhilian asked him to stop, he slapped her so hard that her face changed color instantaneously, she could not speak afterwards, and several of her front teeth became loose. The practitioners were then force-fed. Li Jinsheng yelled, "Start with this one. Insert a tube into her stomach several times. This is the Fangzi District. I am the boss here. Everyone has to do what I say." Feeling contented with the state of agony that the practitioners were enduring, Li Jinsheng proudly announced, "The more you suffer, the more satisfied I am. No Falun Gong practitioner has yet been able to defy me here at my place. Let's see you try." á

Li Jinsheng then assigned several people for each practitioner to proceed with the torture. Some would pull on someone's hair while others held their head as the medical personnel pushed in the tubes. The practitioners struggled to resist. Each was force-fed two or three times before they finally stopped. The practitioners who had no food-intake for 5 days were each force-fed one-kilogram of salt. Ms Wang Aijuan was the last one to be force-fed.á

Shortly after the force-feeding, the practitioners were in pain and started to vomit. Soon their clothing became saturated. Adding insult to injury, the courtyard full of policemen bellowed disgusting profanity. Later the practitioners developed abdominal pain and needed to use the toilet, but the wicked Guo and others deliberately turned them down. Another police officer made fun of them, "Let her do it in her pants." Wang Aijuan cried after defecating in her pants. The wicked people still would not release her from the bench. Her cellmates wanted to feed her some water, but the police didn't even allow that.á

On the morning of April 8, Wang Aijuan experienced severe pain in her groin area that immobilized her. The policemen on duty notified the prison doctor. They found Wang had also developed a high fever, so the practitioners were released from the benches at noontime. The doctor gave Wang Aijuan some medicines. When Wang went to the toilet, she collapsed in the washroom and had to be carried back to her room. Shortly after, Wang Aijuan was in shock. When the police found out that Wang Aijuan was dying, they put her in an ambulance and rushed her to the hospital. Wang Aijuan never came back. Later it was confirmed that she had died from the torture.

After Li Zhilian and Song Zhihong returned from the hospital in Fangzi Town, the wicked people in the "610 Office" (an office created by the Chinese government to deal specifically with issues related to Falun Gong) illegally sentenced them to the labor camp to prevent the news that Wang Aijuan had died from torture from leaking out.

After Wang Aijuan died, the wicked people in the "610 Office" called her husband to attend the cremation of her body. Wang's husband knew that his wife had died because of the police's mistreatment, and he didn't give his consent to the cremation of her body. However the evil policemen gave him a good beating and then cremated Wang Aijuan's body without his consent.á