On Friday afternoon, August 17, 2001, six Falun Gong practitioners from Georgia, Alabama and Washington D.C. began a hunger strike in front of the Chinese Embassy in Washington D.C. The purpose of this action is to support the 130 practitioners who have been on hunger strike in China's Masanjia Labor Camp for nearly 20 days, to strongly protest the detention of practitioners beyond the limits of their sentences, and to expose the Chinese government's complete disregard for human life and their unwillingness to punish law enforcement officials who violate the law. They are requesting the immediate release of imprisoned Falun Gong practitioners in China.

On August 17, the six practitioners submitted a statement about their hunger strike to the Chinese Embassy. As it was written with the power of justice and righteousness, the embassy personnel would not dare accept it. In fact, they would not even open the front door. Fulfilling the rights and obligations endowed by Heaven on all human beings, the practitioners pasted the statement on the Embassy gate, only to have it ripped down and thrown on the ground several times by angry Embassy officials.

The six practitioners started the first day of their hunger strike at the "Tiananmen" Gardens in front of the Chinese Embassy. Black clouds gathered in the sky and thunder could be heard in the distance. The practitioners immediately realized that this was a disturbance of demons, so as it started raining, they started sending out righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil. The rain began coming down harder and harder, and the lightning and thunder was like the clamoring of the demons that were nearing their end. Sitting motionless like gold and like diamonds, the practitioners recited together with one voice: "The Fa rectifies the Cosmos, the Evil is completely eliminated." With their indestructible righteous thoughts, they were eradicating all of the evil in the Three Realms that damage Dafa. When evils fight with gods, the result is obvious. After 20 minutes, the rainstorm suddenly stopped, and the sky started to clear.

Through their actions, the six practitioners are shaking and deterring the evil forces, appealing to people's consciences, and fulfilling their vows for this life.