The Collapse of a Factory Building in Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province Caused Eight Deaths or Missing [Aug 8th, 23:02pm]

In Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province, there was a catastrophe caused by the collapse of a seventeen-workshop, electro-plating factory building, which was not built according to proper building standards. It was reported there were 3 deaths and 5 people missing in the collapse, with little chance of survival. The accident happened after 8:00 pm on Aug 7. Over thirty workers were working in one of workshops, when the workshop suddenly collapsed. Only sixteen of the thirty workers in the factory escaped in time. Over three hundred people came to the rescue site. At that time the river tide rose up and the water flooded the accident site, adding difficulty to the rescue. The Party Secretary of Zhejiang Province and other officials also came to the site to lead the rescue. The town government had previously known that this factory building was not built according to proper construction standards and ordered the factory owner to dismantle it. The owner did not obey the order, and therefore this tragedy occurred.

Mudslide in the Mountains of Liaoning Province: 27 Dead and Missing [Aug 8th, 14:56pm]

It was reported that there were 19 deaths, 8 injuries and 5 missing as a result of mudslides in the mountains of Benxi City, Liaoning Province. In the past week it has been raining continuously. More than sixty rooms were flooded and collapsed.

The Temperature in Xi'an City Reached 40 Degrees Celsius. It is the Hottest Summer in Fifty Years [Aug 8th, 13: 28pm]

The high pressure from the Tibetan Plateau recently has influenced Xi'an City, Shanxi Province. The temperature has been continuously above 35 degrees Celsius, with the highest reaching 40 degrees Celsius (110 Degrees F). It is the hottest summer reported in that area in the past fifty years.

In Ningxiang City, Hunan Province, a Food Poisoning Incident of Over 120 People Might be related to A Business Dispute

Over 120 people were diagosed with food poisoning in Ningxiang City, Hunan Province. At least 120 people felt uncomfortable and most of them had diarrhea. Over 90 people needed to be hospitalized. The Public Security Bureau of Ningxiang City currently believes that the food poisoning is related to an ongoing dispute between two noodle factories. At present no one has been arrested over this incident. The food poisoning was believed to have come from a dozen restaurants respectively. Government officials found that the noodles were contaminated by substances used in rat poison.

Chinese Communist Government Admits that Soil Erosion and Desert Expansion are Serious Ecological Problems in Mainland China

[News from the Central News Agency of Taipei on August 7th] The Important and Specific Plans for Ecological Construction and Environment Protection in the 10th Five-Year Plan for National Economy and Social Development published by the Chinese Communist government points out that currently the amount of soil erosion has reached 367 Million Sq Hectares, about 38% of the total land area. Soil erosion and desertification have become the most serious ecological problems in Mainland China.

The Central News Agency reported today that based on this plan, in the next five years China will mostly control the soil erosion and the damage to forests and grasslands caused by human factors. Accordingly, in the 10th five-year period, mainland China will increase the forest areas by 11.5 million sq hectares and have a forest-covering rate of 18.2%. Planted grasslands and improved grasslands will be 25 million sq hectares. 16.5 million sq hectares of the following three kinds of grasslands: desert, deteriorated soil and Saline-alkali soil will be under control. The soil erosion land under control will be increased by 25 million sq hectares.

Nanning City is Hit by Flooding for Second Time

According to Taipei Central News Agency on August 6th, Nanning city, the capital of Guangxi Province, which was hit by a flood in June, had another flood recently. This is the second flood this year. Currently it is known that there are houses that are flooded. There is no news of any death or injury.

The Central News Agency reports that there were storms from August 1st to August 3rd along the Zuoyoujiang River on the upper range of the Yongjiang River. Influenced by the water level of the upper range, the level of the Yongjiang River in Nanning reached 73.25 meters and surpassed the warning level by 1.25 meters. The report says that the storm has caused flooding again in the lower areas in Jiangnan District in Nanning, which is connected to the rivers outside Nanning. Close to Baisha Cross Road of Baisha Ave, some of the houses that were just refurnished after the serious flood last month were flooded again. Only the roofs are above the water. Over 40 businesses and houses were flooded on Heping Avenue in Yongning County, the suburb of Nanning City. The water in some places has reached knee high depth. Moreover, the Third Primary School, the Industry and Business Union and the labs of Yongning High School were all flooded.