I firmly believe that trusting Teacher and Dafa under any circumstances is following Teacher to return to our true homes. It is the manifestation of Dafa's mighty power that we are in righteous enlightenment while believing in Teacher and Dafa.

On July 20, 2001 the evil forces were so fearful and desperate that they put up a last-ditch struggle. However, Dafa practitioners looked upon all their efforts from the point view of Dafa. Through their unshakable belief in Dafa, their power of benevolence and their righteous thoughts, Dafa practitioners firmly safeguarded Dafa, assimilated to Dafa and fulfilled their promises as Dafa practitioners.

On the evening of July 19, I heard someone knocking loudly on my door. The pounding became louder and louder as if the door was about to be broken down. I knew that it was the police knocking. I was about to answer the door, when I at once remembered what Teacher said, " No matter what the situation, do not cooperate with the evil's demands, orders, or what it instigates." ("Dafa Disciples' Righteous Thoughts are Powerful"). Through the window of the door, I saw three police officers. They were knocking and shouting, "Open the door!" I replied, "If you have something to say, let it wait until tomorrow. If you have to come in tonight, then take off your police uniforms, and I will let you in." They murmured, "What is that supposed to mean?" They continued knocking on the door and shouted, "Open the door, we just want to have two words with you, then we will leave." I said, "Then say what you have to say from outside." The police became agitated, "You refuse arrest. If you do not open the door, we will pry it open!" I said, "If you dare to pry open the door, I will call for help through the window." Then I opened the window and started shouting, to warn other practitioners so they could hide their Dafa materials. My wife said calmly, "Shouting is useless. Let us send forth righteous thoughts." Teacher has said, "When a tribulation arrives, if you, a disciple, can truly maintain an unshakable calm or be determined to meet different requirements at different levels, this should be sufficient for you to pass the test." ("Expounding on the Fa," Essentials for Further Advancement).

At once I sat in double lotus holding the big lotus palm and recited Teacher's verses, "The Fa rectifies Heaven and Earth, immediate retribution in this lifetime." My wife and daughter joined me. We were not afraid and were free of distracting thoughts. During this period I exchanged thoughts with my wife briefly. I said, "Under any circumstances, we will believe in Dafa and believe in Teacher." My wife said, "We are with you; we will manage the situation." I returned to the door facing the police outside and continued to send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil. No matter what the police did from this point, we could no longer hear them. We just recited the verses over and over. My wife started to recite "Lun Yu". Previously I had thought that though the evil force intentionally persecuted Dafa, Dafa practitioners should not recognize the evil because Teacher does not recognize it. I thought to myself, "If this is my last tribulation and attachment I should be rid of it, I should forbear it. If the evil force imposes it on me, I will not accept it." The teachings of Teacher came to my mind, (Zhuan Falun, Chapter 3, "Spirit or Animal Possession"). "Actually, I say that they are not formidable and are nothing before a true practitioner. Though you may find one that has practiced cultivation for nearly one thousand years, a tiny finger will be more than enough to crush it." At this moment, we became very calm and peaceful. I continued sending out righteous thoughts. Once again I felt Teacher's benevolence, and was so happy. The mighty power of Dafa was beyond description with human words. The power of Dafa was manifested in the whole process. Even though the police were still knocking on the door, the noise got weaker and weaker. In the end the knocking and shouting totally lost its strength.

In my impression the whole process lasted less than 10 minutes. My wife told me, "They stood outside the door for more than 20 minutes." Teacher said, "Yet today we're having people reach Consummation in a few short years. The process of enduring is but a brief moment, and besides time has been accelerated. In the future when you look back--if you can reach Consummation, that is--you'll find that it was nothing and was just like a dream." (Lecture at the Great Lakes Conference of North America)

The next day, while speaking with another practitioner in my neighborhood, my wife spoke of the incident that had happened the night before. The practitioner said, "I went to bed very early and slept very deeply and I heard nothing, even though we live so close. The practitioner also shared with us a dream he'd had the night before. "I dreamt that a group of police officers came trying to catch a big fish but failed, and in the end this big fish became two dragons and flew away." My wife laughed understandingly.

Also on the evening of July 19, other practitioners did very well. When the police knocked on their door, they first sent forth righteous thoughts and then allowed the police to enter. They told the police, "If we do not let you in, you will feel like you are losing face; if you let you in, it's likely you will make an arrest at will. Do you know that what we cultivate is the principle of the universe? Do not be the scapegoat for Jiang Zemin." The police were all deflated. Without uttering a word, they lowered their heads and left. Dafa practitioners' righteous minds had forced the police to think about what they were doing. It is the manifestation of Dafa's mighty power in the universe, isn't it?

Since this incident with the police, I often feel that they are still watching me. In fact the police changed tactics and launched further attacks, but they all ended in failure. I asked myself, "Why do I still have attachments that I still cannot give up?" While doing the things that Dafa practitioners are supposed to do, I look inward according to Dafa's requirements, and examine myself everyday. Finally I found the answer. It is the old notions that are buried deep that work against me. During the cultivation process, not only do we need to eradicate the degenerate thoughts and notions that are deeply rooted in our minds, but we also need to prevent new barriers from forming due to shallow understanding of Dafa. In fact, all those notions are postnatal, and we must eradicate them sternly as soon as we find them. During Fa rectification, how to tackle the problem from the point of view of the Fa is the key to following the Fa rectification process. As particles of Dafa, no matter how much we contribute during the Fa rectification process, there are no accomplishments, and there is still a long way to go to fulfill the promise we gave Teacher.

After these incidents, I now firmly believe even more that under any circumstances, trusting Teacher and Dafa is following Teacher to return to our true homes.