A Small Practitioner who Attained the Fa

My 9-year-old nephew, Liangliang, fortunately attained Dafa on June 9, 2001. One night after he attained the Fa, Master told him in a dream, "Make better use of your time to study the Fa." Then he began to read Zhuan Falun (main work of founder Master Li Hongzhi) by himself quietly everyday after finishing his homework. Sometimes he even read loudly to his grandma. Grandma took such opportunities to joke with him, but he never responded with anger. One time, grandma asked him, "Liangliang, why won't you be angry when grandma scolds you?" Liangliang said, "I will no longer be so silly as I was before! Anger also produces karma. If what you said was wrong, it is an opportunity to improve my xinxing (moral character). If my xinxing has improved, won't my Gong be growing? Why should I be angry?"

A Small Practitioner's Story of Fa Rectification and Eliminating the Evil

My daughter Mingming is five years old. She attained the Fa at the age of three and went to Beijing with the adults to validate the Fa at the age of four.

After attaining the Fa, she was able to recite "Hongyin," though she was even unable to read Chinese characters. If adults quoted the first part of a sentence from Zhuan Falun, she was able to remember the second part. As Dafa practitioners, a couple of my family members planned to go to Beijing to validate the Fa on December 9th of last year. We thought our child to be too young to come along and decided to leave her at home. Upon hearing about this, she said with determination, "Fa rectification does not distinguish between adults or children. I am a small practitioner, I must go." Seeing that the child was so determined , I asked, "If the police ask about your name, where you are from, your mother's name, and where your mother is working, how will you answer?" My daughter said, "We are Dafa practitioners, my name is small practitioner." Then, together with the whole family, my young daughter joined us on our way to Beijing to validate the Fa. On Tiananmen Square, with a small red flag held in hand, my daughter recited loudly, "With Teacher at the helm, the Fa saves all beings, One sail is hoisted, one hundred million sails followmm" Her hands were waving and her voice became more and more clear and melodious. A policeman saw her and shouted, "Here is a small practitioner." She answered confidently and without any fear, "I am indeed a small practitioner."

After experiencing such an event she became more and more diligent in her study. She went out with her elder and younger aunts to post flyers that clarified the truth about Falun Dafa. Recently, my daughter has made great improvements, often saying and doing surprising and respectful things to us adults. She often told me: The Fa rectification will be ending soon; Mum must hurry up. One day she dreamed of playing on a golden slide in heaven and also ate some delicious golden fruits and cakes given by the Master. Master once told her and some Bodhisattva, "You all should eliminate the evils." A couple days later, my daughter told me, "I did eliminate the evils in my dream last night." I asked her what those evil beings were. She answered, "Two black, horrifying things. I smashed one of them with a stone, and a sword that magically emerged from my hand killed another monster.