The annual "Edinburgh International Art Festival" opened recently and artists from all over the world gathered to conduct performances and shows. The streets were crowded with tourists from many different countries.

Starting from August 1, practitioners from Scotland and England gathered in Meadow Park, where the festival is being held, to clarify the truth. We set up exhibition boards with pictures of the persecution, showed Falun Dafa banners, and distributed SOS flyers.

Some practitioners demonstrated the five sets of exercises along with the beautiful Dafa music. A 10-year old little practitioner took the initiative to collect signatures among the crowd. The exercises and music attracted a lot of people. Many of them signed the petition. The extent of the support surpassed our expectations. We are sincerely happy for these beings. Their support to Dafa may have already laid the foundation for them to attain the Fa in the future and enter the new era.