Since July 22, 1999, the Jiujiang town government in Shuangliu County, Sichuan Province has sent policemen to Dafa practitioners' home to confiscate their possessions such as: television sets, washing machines, electric fans, sewing machines, motorcycles, bicycles, and so on. In addition, practitioners were fined several thousand RMB (Chinese currency). When Dafa practitioners asked the policemen why they were being so cruel, several policemen said, "What can we do? The government officials asked us to do this. They know this is illegal, but they still order us to do it."

In January of 2001, Fu Deqi, the Jiujiang town party secretary was involved in a serious car accident. He remains paralyzed and unable to work. His wife was also seriously injured and is still hospitalized. The local people said, "How could he escape from retribution? He persecuted Falun Gong practitioners and embezzled the proceeds. This is his just retribution in this lifetime. He deserves it."


Cholera Spreads in Sichuan Province

  1. It is reported that cholera is spreading in Guang'an district, Sichuan Province, which has resulted in numerous fatalities. The roads to the county have been closed, only allowing people in but not out.
  2. The news was received today, saying that cholera is also spreading again in Bazhong Yushan Town, Sichuan Province. Media reports from this location are blocked; however, there have been at least eight deaths from cholera confirmed. Early in July, many Dafa practitioners were arrested in Bazhong Yushan. Among them, there was a four-year old. In mid July, cholera first broke out in Yushan. Now, all traffic in and out of Yushan has been cut off.