(Clearwisdom.net) Feng Xi, the director of Team No. 2 in Daqing City Labor Camp, was arrested for inciting inmates to beat Falun Gong practitioner Wang Bin to death. Feng was later released after bribing some officials, but he was soon arrested and sentenced for his involvement in a financial crime. Guard Lu Naigeng was charged and sentenced in connection with the death of Wang Bin. The principal offender Bao Shuangcheng was given the death penalty with a grace period before execution. Guard Wen Qiang and inmates involved in the beating, Song Baoping and Liu Qinghui, were also punished. The head of the labor camp, Li Jingyu, announced early retirement. The camp's political commissioner was transferred, and the deputy political commissioner, Hao Shuli, was removed from office.

These people were all active participants in the fanatical persecution of Falun Gong practitioners. Feng Xi forced practitioners to write pledges to quit practicing Falun Gong and to read the slanderous materials. For those who refused to comply, he had them beaten and forced them to perform heavy, menial labor, such as cutting grass in the mud and running while carry loads of dirt. He forced the most steadfast practitioners to remain standing or in a crouched position for long periods of time. In the summer, he made practitioners stand outside at night to be bitten by the mosquitoes. Once while he was drunk, Feng fired at Wang Bin's head with an unloaded gun.

Guard Lu Naigeng cooperated with Feng Xi to assault a practitioner who said, "The government does not allow indiscriminate beatings." Lu was present when Wang Bin was beaten to death and did not attempt to stop it. Guard Wen Qiang kicked Wang Bin and another practitioner. The inmates, Bao Shuangcheng, Liu Qinghui, and Song Baoping assisted Feng Xi to brutally torture Falun Gong practitioners. All of these people have been warned and received their well-deserved punishments.

We heard some stories about Feng Xi in the detention center. When he was first detained, he sold his house to bribe officials to release him. However, he still lost his job. Since he was accustomed to a comfortable life and could not bear poverty, he engaged in illegal business activities and was arrested again. This time he changed his name to Li Gang. Since he had already used all of his money for bribes and had no money to buy gifts for officials at the detention center, the guards who were snubbed by him before intended to punish him. The inmates also knew about this.

It is hard to strike a good person, but the inmates felt no pity towards Feng. When they asked him why he was arrested, he told them about how he had Wang Bin beaten to death, hoping to gain their sympathy. Little did he know that in today's China, most people know the truth about Falun Gong. The inmates said, "Falun Gong practitioners are good people. You beat a good person to death, so now we will beat you." They also punished Feng by forcing him to squat on the toilet and eat leftover food. Feng has suffered a great deal during his detention.

A person who used to lounge around outside the door of the labor camp and knew only about insulting and beating practitioners, one who devoted himself to Jiang Zemin, is now locked in jail to atone for all the terrible things Jiang Zemin told him to do. He is deservedly meeting his retribution.