Every Saturday from 5pm to 7pm (EDT) is the time for all practitioners around world to send forth righteous thoughts. About 60 practitioners from the Greater Washington D.C. area came to the Tiananmen Garden in front of the Chinese Embassy last Saturday. About 4:20pm, thunderstorms were taking place all over Washington D.C. On the way to the Chinese Embassy, practitioners knew it was interference, so they started sending forth righteous thoughts immediately. Many practitioners didn't bring any rain gear. In the thunderstorm, they sat on muddy ground in full-lotus and sent forth righteous thoughts together.

[photo here]

The thunder seemed just a few dozen meters above their heads. No one moved. From an over 80-year-old grandma to a 5 or 6 year-old young practitioner, they sat in the rain for group practice.

Drivers rolled down their windows and gave practitioners a thumbs-up when they saw them sitting in the rain. A practitioner took a stack of Dafa material to the sidewalk. Every car slowed down and took one copy. Some of them even honked their horns to express their support. One Chinese person drove by and was moved by this peaceful scene. He rolled down his window and said loudly, "Falun Dafa is good!"