"You really are Bodhisattvas who save people from suffering and misery!"

Two Dafa practitioners left their hometown and went to other places to validate the Fa, but they always thought about telling the truth to their own villagers. One time they went to a rural area and told an old man a great amount of truth about Dafa. This old man respectfully took the Dafa materials. His knees bent and he almost knelt down. He said: "You really are Bodhisattvas who save people from suffering and misery..." They continued their journey. Afterwards, when they looked back from a great distance, they saw the old man still standing there and watching them go away.

The noise of chisels gradually faded because everyone was reading the Dafa materials

One day, two practitioners went to a mountain to tell the truth. When hearing the noise of chisels, they knew that people were mining stones in this mountain. They followed the noise and handed the Dafa material to people one by one. After a while, the noise of chisels faded and eventually stopped. Everyone sat down and start reading the materials, chatting with each other as they read. The practitioners handed out all the materials and cheerfully left.

"I'm sorry, little sister. I wrongfully accused you."

One practitioner went to a village gathering to hand out Dafa flyers, and people all came over and asked for them. One man in his fifties came and when he saw the materials, he wanted to send the practitioner to the police sub-station. This practitioner was very calm. She told him: " No hurry. Please read the material first. I will go with you after I hand out all of them." This man then sat down and started reading carefully while she was handing out the literature. Finally he stood up and held this practitioner's hands tightly and said: "I am sorry, little sister. I wrongfully accused you." He also asked her to be careful.

The power of a righteous mind

The following story just happened here recently: In one area, seven practitioners were unconditionally released and their families signed the release forms. Among these seven practitioners, some had been detained for several months and the police had even issued arrest warrants. But they are all free now. Their heartfelt experience is that one should never cooperate with the evil force and never agree with the old evil forces' arrangements, even deeply in one's mind. (This was possible because they were able to read Teacher's new articles) Their experiences demonstrated the mighty virtue of Dafa practitioners, and strongly encouraged other local practitioners.

Another four practitioners from the same city had been doing a large amount of important work for Dafa. They were followed and arrested, but they were never afraid. They sent out righteous thoughts in the police van. The door suddenly fell off and one practitioner quickly jumped out of the van. The policemen panicked and quickly stopped the van to check. That practitioner was unconscious and had to be sent to the hospital He was released after ten days and was physically healthy. By the time the policemen came back, the other three practitioners were nowhere to be found.

There was another incident in another city. Police suddenly showed up where practitioners were sharing experiences. The police brought along an arrest warrant and wanted to take three practitioners away. The practitioners sat together and sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil. The police watched the practitioners for a while, circled around and finally left. This strongly encouraged local practitioners, taught them a deep lesson and made them realize the mighty virtue of Dafa.