Zhu Kaichao, the director of the Maanshan Police Station in Anhui Province, has been doing his utmost to persecute Dafa practitioners since July 20, 1999. By his order, one former assistant at the Maanshan Falun Gong Assistance Center received a three-year jail sentence and another, whose name was Xu Liping, received a two-year sentence. In addition, Xu's sister was given a three-year sentence. Other Dafa practitioners have also been persecuted in different ways. Detailed information is now being collected. On June 19, 2001, Zhu Kaichao and his daughter were involved in a one-car accident. He became catatonic the next day and died on the third day. His daughter died the following day.

(Translated on August 11, 2001 from edited version of http://www.minghui.org/mh/articles/2001/8/10/14578.html)


  1. Zhang Jiulin is a policeman working in the Yudong Police Station in Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province. He illegally ransacked Dafa practitioners' homes and confiscated their property, some of which he kept for himself. He also beat Dafa practitioners, and forcibly drove some of them out of his jurisdiction. Earlier this year, Zhang received retribution for his bad deeds. He had an accident while he was riding a motorcycle, and his leg was fractured.
  2. Address for Yudong Police Station: 19 Tangu West Street, Shijiazhuang. Phone numbers are: 86-311-5661524, 86-311-5661356.

  3. Wang Yang is a security officer in the Shijiazhuang Electrical and Construction Company. He often removed Dafa material that practitioners had posted. Consequently, many people lost their precious opportunity to learn of Dafa. Recently, when he was arguing with someone, he unwittingly thrust his arm through the window of a parked car and was badly cut. He received more than 20 stitches. The injury was very painful.
  4. Li Peng is an employee of the Motor Vehicle Division of the Administrative Service Center in the Foreign Trade Department of Hebei Province. He was misled by the slanderous propaganda and would not accept Dafa material. In addition, he defamed Dafa. When he saw police heartlessly beat Dafa practitioners, he even said to them, "If I were you, I would do the same thing." Soon after that, when he was hanging out with his friends, his shin was struck and fractured. He received immediate retribution.
  5. A practitioner went to distribute Dafa material in Xinjiang Province. One day, while walking, he was struck from behind by a high-speed motorcycle. The practitioner was pushed forward a few steps, but not hurt at all. In contrast, both the motorcycle and driver were thrown to the ground, and driver was pinned under the motorcycle. The practitioner then recognized the driver as one who had been persecuting Dafa practitioners.
  6. Some thugs in the Brainwashing Class were hired from nearby villages. One day, one such person's wife was working on the roof of their house when a tornado appeared and blew her to the ground. Both of her legs were broken. In agony, his wife cried, "He should not have gone there [to brainwash practitioners]."

If these people could be awakened by the retributions they have received and come to understand Dafa, they may still have the possibility of obtaining a good future.