1. The retribution in Shijiazhuang Labor Camp of Hebei Province

The Shijiazhuang Labor Camp in Hebei Province is hell on earth, where Falun Dafa practitioners are cruelly persecuted. In order to achieve the so-called high "conversion rate," [refering to the numbers of practitioners brainwashed into renouncing Dafa] the prison authority used all available means to torture Dafa practitioners, including "shangsheng" [roping, a cruel kind of torture whereby a person is tied tightly with thin ropes]; beatings with electric batons and regular police batons; hand-cuffing; hanging from handcuffs; fatal beating; solitary confinement; sleep deprivation; piercing fingers with nails, and pounding fingers with hammers. On July 18, 2001, the Falun Dafa Information Center announced that, at the end of June, Shijiazhuang's Labor Camp personnel tortured a number of Falun Dafa practitioners to death. Shijiazhuang's Labor Camp authorities blocked the news, covered their crimes and maliciously interfered with any investigation. It was very difficult to obtain evidence.

However, good will be rewarded with good and evil met with evil. Wu Yuliang, the Chief of Shijiazhuang Labor Camp who killed several Falun Dafa practitioners, was later arrested on charges of embezzlement and corruption.

Liu Zhiying, the female prison guard of Brigade No.5 of Shijiazhuang Labor Camp, is an extremely malicious person. In June 2001, she frequently cursed Master and Dafa, and brutally tortured Dafa practitioners. One of her family members suddenly had a cerebral hemorrhage and was in critical condition. Liu Zhiying had to take a long leave of absence, couldn't go to work and therefore could not persecute Dafa practitioners. On June 20, heavy hail hit Shijiazhuang. The area of Shijiazhuang's Labor Camp was hit most seriously. The largest pieces of hail were the size of walnuts. The hail accumulated on the ground in a depth of up to 3 inches. The images inside those hail stones had taken the shape of human eyes.

This is just a warning of possible retributions. If they continue to persecute Dafa practitioners, those wicked individuals will incur serious retributions in their lifetime.

2. Du Zhanguo, a wicked policeman in the detention center of Zanhuang County, Hebei Province suffers retribution for persecuting Dafa practitioners.

In April 2001, Du Zhanguo brutally beat illegally imprisoned Dafa practitioners and shocked them with electric batons. A few days later, Du received a phone call from his son and was told that his wife was involved in an accident. Since then, Du has never returned to work. We have heard that half of his wife's body has become paralyzed. One person committing evil deeds brings disaster to the entire family.

3. An ignorant villager from Zanhuang County, Hebei Province insulted Dafa and received retribution.

A villager who lives in Yuantou Village, Zanhuang County, has a very hostile nature and, for no apparent reason, hates Falun Dafa. On June 26, 2001, in the morning, he insulted Dafa in public. Soon after, while sitting at the bottom of a hill, he was hit by a large chunk of earth falling from the top of the hill. Three of his spinal vertebrae were crushed. He is now hospitalized.

4. A Residential committee head suffers hemiplegia [right or left part of one's body is paralyzed]; the staff no longer dares to participate in persecuting Falun Dafa.

The residential committee head who lives across the street of a Dafa practitioner's home, monitors and spies on Dafa practitioners, defames Falun Dafa, and takes every opportunity to persecute Falun Dafa. Not long ago, she became hemiplegic. The task of monitoring Dafa practitioners has to be assigned to other staff members. But nobody wanted to take this job, since it takes time and energy; and superiors will criticize the person, and he/she will get serious retribution. Consequently, there is no one in the neighborhood who dares to harass Dafa practitioners anymore.

5. Ignorant villager in Yuanshi County, Hebei Province insulted Dafa and received retribution.

Liu Qiaoying, a resident of Yuezhuang Village, Yuanshi County, cannot tell good from evil. She slanders and insults Dafa, swears at Dafa practitioners and refuses to change her behavior after numerous efforts to convince her to stop doing evil. On June 15, she developed some kind of brain disease. She cannot talk, and has difficulty moving. She is still in the County Hospital.

6. The evil individual, Chang, who lives in Dongsanjiao Village of Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province, received retribution because of persecuting Falun Dafa.

Chang, the party secretary of Dongsanjiao Village, twice helped local police station officers to illegally detain Falun Dafa practitioners and twisted his ankle twice. He said that he didn't want to take charge of Falun Gong anymore. "I took charge of Falun Gong twice, I wrenched my ankle twice." he said. Xing, the village's security head, monitors Falun Gong practitioners. He broke his arm recently. He also mentioned that he didn't want to persecute Falun Gong anymore. Zhao, a young member of the local militia, twisted his foot while removing posted Dafa materials; his father also broke a leg.

7. Ma Zhensheng, Party Secretary of Gaoyi County, Hebei Province, was arrested on charges of embezzlement.

Since 1999, Ma Zhenshen, party secretary of Gaoyi County, has been following Jiang Zemin, who was voted "human rights scoundrel" by Amnesty International. Ma Zhenshen persecutes Falun Gong practitioners, tortures, detains and illegally sends them to labor camps. He also discharges Dafa practitioners from their jobs without any severance pay if they work in administration, law enforcement agencies, and human resources departments. He also metes out illegal administrative punishment to Dafa practitioners; exerts pressure on the lower-level Party organization, and forces the lower level Party branch to dismiss Dafa practitioners. Currently, Ma Zhensheng has been arrested, due to being connected with an embezzlement case .

8. Two examples of immediate retribution in Yushu City, Hebei Province.

Yushu City resident XX's spouse practices Falun Dafa. After "July 20," he was brainwashed by the lies from the media and burned all his spouse's Dafa Books. Soon after, a large lump grew on his neck. The lump was very painful, and the skin on top of it began to fester. He was extremely frightened and knew that this was the retribution for burning Dafa Books. He knelt down in front of the Master's picture, expressed his regrets and vowed that he would never again dare to defame Dafa. Three days later, the size of the lump became reduced by half. It completely disappeared soon after.

Prison guard Sun of Yushu City Detention Center often tortures Dafa practitioners. Every time, following a beating he had administered, he became very pale, even ill. One time, after torturing Dafa practitioners, he lost 3,000Yuan [about 6 months salary in China].

9. Zhang Ziyi, Mayor of Shiting Township, Hebei Province was discharged from his job because of patronizing prostitutes.

Zhang Ziyi, Mayor of Shiting Township, treated Dafa practitioners viciously. In one of the "brainwashing class," he threatened "we are going to break his family and kill the family member if anyone dares to practice Falun Dafa." In the beginning of June this year, because of patronizing prostitutes, he was discharged by the township Party Committee, and was sent back to his hometown. It shows again that evil will be met with evil.

10. One example of retribution in Chengdu City, Sichuan Province

Wen Guogang, who lives in Chengdu City, was a retired official of Agriculture Department of Chengdu City. At the end of April he went to his employer to pick up the May 1st holiday celebration allowance and ran into two Dafa practitioners. They gave him flyers, clarifying the truth of Dafa. He hastily handed over the Dafa materials to Baiguolin police station. On his way home, he collapsed and was sent to the nearby hospital for emergency treatment. He died later.

11. A warning to people

One day, a friend of mine told me that, strangely three residents who live on the same floor where he lives got hit by vehicles. He changed the subject, and also told me that Dafa materials were littered all over the hallway of that apartment. After I told him that what happened to those three individuals was retribution, he understood.

There is an individual who was deceived by the lies from the media and was very hostile to Dafa and Dafa practitioners. One day, a practitioner was trying to spread Dafa to him. He said, "I scolded Dafa, let your Master punish me." Soon after he got cancer and had a nervous breakdown. He invited Dafa practitioners to his home and said that he wanted to learn Dafa. After listening to two lectures of the Master's lecture tape, his physical condition changed dramatically. His family member told everybody they met "Dafa is incredible."