(Clearwisdom.Net) Report from the China News Agency on July 25 in Beijing: Due to this year's temperatures being higher than those of previous years, lower than normal precipitation, and the fact that the major water source of water for Urumqi, the No. 1 Glacier, didn't form a large amount of water from melting snow, the capital of the Xinjiang Autonomous Region has been hit by the most severe water shortage in the past decade.

According to today's report from the China News Agency, the water level in the Ulabo Reservoir, the major water source for agriculture in Urumqi, has dropped 3 meters, and the mud in the reservoir bed has been exposed. The mud stuck to the nearby water gate and the muddy water was irrigated to the drainage network.

In addition to this, large areas of the bed of the Hongyanchi reservoir, another big reservoir in Urumqi, is exposed. The water level has dropped down below the sluice gate and it appears to be a dead reservoir.