At about 8:00pm on July 25, I was heading home after work. Looking up in the sky on the north, I saw a large dark cloud that covered almost half of the sky. The cloud was so dark that there was a clear boundary between the covered dark sky and the uncovered grayish blue sky, and it was moving rapidly to the south. I knew there must have been a fierce battle going on in another dimension, so I started to recite Master's verse to eliminate the evil.

During the ten minutes that I was on my way home, the dark cloud was passing over my head and it looked like it was going to pour any minute. There was constant thunder and lightning in the sky. I thought I should take pictures to let the future people know of an evil scene that once happened in the Beijing sky.

From these fantastic scenes, we can tell that the force of Fa-rectification is extremely rapid and there are fierce battles every minute. As Master Li said, "... every minute there are countless immense universes that are being swept through by the force of Fa-rectification and at the same time being quickly rectified by the Fa." and "When the force of Fa-rectification arrives, everything will end in an instant." Let's look forward to that moment!