[Clearwisdom.net] We are Falun Dafa practitioners from Yingji Village, Zhongyi Town, Macheng City, Hubei Province.

Without any legal procedure, the Zhongyi Town Police Station arrested me and put me in detention for 43 days. During that period of time, they beat me viciously and used many kinds of tortures on me, such as:

A vicious policeman, Peng Teng, kicked me hard with his leather boots (steel-toed) and cruelly slapped my face. He also used foul language to insult me. Another evil policeman, Li Hua, used a big wooden chair to beat me while I was naked until the chair was broken.

Perpetrator Liu Hanzong, an officer from Yingji Branch Office, often didn't give us enough food to eat, and sometimes didn't even give us any food at all. And there were several times when he didn't let us use the toilet. When we were allowed to use the toilet, we would get beaten up if we were a bit slow, sometimes even forced to kneel down.

Because I refused to kneel down, perpetrators Han Huixian and Cao Jie handcuffed me with one hand behind my shoulder and the other hand at the back of my body. (A torture called "Carrying a sword.") They also kicked my eyes with leather boots and poured cold water down my neck. Then, Han Huixian poured boiling hot water on my head and my feet. He even poured phlegm into my mouth, and stuffed my mouth with a woman's dirty menstrual pad. And then, he threw rotten apples on my body and lit a cigarette lighter to burn my feet.

Even so, those vicious people still didn't think that was enough, so they kept on beating us until their batons broke! Perpetrator Liu Hanzong also forced several male practitioners to run after him while he was riding on a motorbike. If a male practitioner refused to do so, they threatened to beat him to death.

All the above are true accounts showing the brutal persecution on us.