July 5, 2001

[Minghui Net] The Sixth Brigade and the Eighth Brigade of Hewan Labor Camp, Wuhan City, Hubei Province, illegally detained over 200 Falun Dafa practitioners. The directors and guards there used the most depraved means to carry out brainwashing of Dafa practitioners.

Last July, Dafa disciple Xu Chunzhi was sentenced to two years of labor reeducation in the Sixth Brigade. Because she has not cooperated with the evil there, she has been strictly watched and isolated all this time. As a result of force-feeding, her stomach and esophagus have been severely damaged. The labor camp rigorously blocked this news and has not allowed her to contact anyone. She is now in critical condition.

In the Eighth Brigade, Tang Guoying is being strictly watched in a quarantine room right now. Two criminals watch her in turn for twenty-four hours and she labors over 10 hours every day. Her son, Li Rui, has been missing since he went to Beijing to protect the Fa (Law and Principles of the Universe). His company has already stopped paying his salary for a long time.

Huang Liyu, a 19-year-old college student from Wuhan University is also being held in the Eighth Brigade. She began to cultivate Falun Dafa in July 2000. She and her mother went to Beijing to appeal together. Both of them were arrested and sentenced to labor reeducation. Huang Liyu has been firm and unyielding in her beliefs since being placed in the labor camp. She is detained separately now.

In the Eighth Brigade, a 30-year-old female criminal named Xu Yuanzhi got to know Dafa disciples and began to practice cultivation. In order to stop her from reciting the Fa and practicing, the vicious guards once used an electric baton to strike her about ten times and detained her separately. Because she insisted on practicing, she was severely beaten by two drug-addicted criminals. Late at night she was heard shouting, "Falun Dafa is good!" "They're beating me," and "Help ... " However, the wicked guards made a false countercharge and said that Ms. Xu resisted laboring and hit others first. Her face was deformed from the beating. The wicked guards told her that if she insisted on practicing Falun Dafa she would be detained for an unlimited term. However, this still has not changed her determination to practice cultivation.

Meanwhile, a drug-addict named Tian Wenting was released ahead of schedule because she beat practitioners, by which she earned merit points. Only six days later, however, she was sent to a Drug Rehab Center. It looks as if she has received immediate retribution in this lifetime.

The leaders and guards at Hewan Labor Camp are corrupt. As long as you pay 3,000 Yuan to the Camp Director, Yi Nengxian, you need not do the hard jobs. The criminals wash the leaders and guards' clothes. They severely violate "labor reeducation administration regulations" by forcing Falun Gong practitioners to work more than ten hours a day. Section Head Huang Hong used an electric baton to beat Zeng Li'e. The next day, she tried to defend herself by saying the blister on Zeng's face was caused by internal heat (a diagnosis term of traditional Chinese medicine), and she even accused Zeng Li'e of starting and spreading rumors.

Three practitioners Zhang Yufang, Yue Xuesong and Hu Huiwen are closely watched because they are firm and unyielding. Everyday, they unravel yarn for over ten hours. If they do not finish a certain quantity, they cannot take a rest before 10pm. Guards made the order that other practitioners cannot help them to meet their quota and others are not allow to lend a hand in their daily life either.

We request once again that Hewan Labor Camp immediately release all illegally detained practitioners. Otherwise, retribution will follow.

The Staff of the Sixth Brigade of Hewan Labor Camp: Yi Nengxian, Yao Aijun, Liu Hui, Zheng Chunmei, Chen Xi and Liu Yan

Telephone: 86-27- 85601054, 85878758 extension 2072

The Staff of the Eighth Brigade of Hewan Labor Camp: Chen Lixia, Xie Huijun, Huang Hong, Xiao Ping, Peng Chaoying, Wang Hua and Doctor Fu

Telephone: 86-27-85601044