[Minghui Net] At the current stage, all Dafa practitioners around the world are doing their best in eliminating evil. Meanwhile, our attachments on the surface of our physical bodies, abnormal notions, and karma are putting up a last-ditch fight to avoid their destruction. They want to stop us from keeping powerful righteous thoughts at all times, and to stop us from transitioning from humans into gods. This is meant to destroy cultivators, blocking us from assisting Master's Fa-rectification. We must treat it seriously.

Some practitioners like to arbitrarily put things down, and do not organize materials in a timely manner. Master hinted to them in a dream that police happened to catch them while they were searching for something else. Some other practitioners do not treat trivial daily matters seriously with the mindset of a cultivator. They don't give people a good impression, and vicious people easily catch them. I believe that behind all un-righteous formalities or displays, there are mentalities that do not conform to the Fa and demonic nature that takes control. "He brings forth lofty ideals while minding minor details." (from Hongyin) A Dafa practitioner who will become an enlightened being soon should rectify himself strictly on all daily small matters.

When we do Dafa work, we sometimes forget to look inside. Sometimes we don't work well with other practitioners and we command others. We comment on what we don't like to see, we feel hurt when others point out our attachments, we feel anxious when we see others' defects, and we have deeply hidden selfishness that we don't want to look at directly. At this critical historical moment, the evil easily finds loopholes if we do the most sacred work without the pure compassion of being truly responsible to Dafa and all beings, and with conduct that is not quite righteous enough. And some of us cannot give up our show-off mentality and are unable to cultivate our speech. A careless act can bring loss to Dafa. Why so? Cultivation in Fa-rectification is extremely serious.

Some practitioners are unable to balance themselves between looking inside and rectifying the Fa. I believe that in the cultivation of Fa-rectification, only by seeking inside unconditionally, finding our unrighteous thoughts, and digging them out from the root, can we then rectify ourselves.

Now, when I try to give up my emotions (qing) completely, the emotions often come out. I ask myself, will I only passively give up in front of policemen? We should rectify ourselves in Dafa on our own initiative, upgrade our xinxing [mind nature], and assimilate to Dafa in passing the tribulation of actively destroying our own demonic nature instead of passively reaching the standard, thus establishing our own mighty virtue in the vicious tribulations arranged by the old forces.

In the process of destroying all incorrect factors within myself, my experience is that first of all we cannot admit their existence. We should break through all abnormal notions, including any that formed at different levels during cultivation and immediately eliminate them using powerful righteous thoughts. At the time I entered a realm whereby I believed I would rather die than betray Dafa and the Teacher even if the evil indeed really did catch me. I actually broke through this understanding to another level of righteous belief: I am indestructible, evil is tiny, and wherever righteous thoughts are, all evil will disappear.