I never anticipated that I would spend time in a labor camp.

On October 2000, I was sent to the Masanjia labor camp. Since then, I have been repeatedly cursed in public for not denouncing my beliefs, though I have obeyed all of the camp's regulations. Since the first day I came, I have been deprived of adequate sleep due to long hours of brainwashing activities. The brainwashing activities were prolonged up to 11pm, 12am, 2am, or 3am. Physical abuse is the primary part of the brainwashing activities. For example, I was forced to squat in painful positions day and night. If I fell, the guards would lift me up and drop me heavily onto the ground. I was forced to hold my arms up and squat for long hours. Then they would pinch my sensitive body parts. I have suffered this way for 40 days.

Since all these tortures failed to brainwash me, the director of the labor camp sent me to another room with several guards, even though I was bruised all over from the repeated physical abuse. Here, they intensified the tortures against me in the following week by performing all kinds of physical abuse day and night. One guard would use needles to hurt me, or beat my hands with willow branches if I couldn't hold the position the way he wanted. My hands became swollen like bear paws. He tied my hands behind my back, wrapped my head with an overcoat, stomped on my head and feet, and stuffed my mouth with something to prevent me from crying out loud. He also repeatedly hit my head against the wall. My head was injured so badly that blood and sweat stained the wall. I felt that my skull was fractured, then my body trembled. I felt dizzy and collapsed. Due to the repeated beatings from the wooden sticks, my right eye was almost blind. There was a fracture about the size of a thumbnail on the back of my head. My body became stiff because it was swollen black and blue all over. I could hardly move my limbs. They still would not allow me to sleep but kept physically abusing me, even though I had all these bruises. Once when I fainted at midnight, the guard threw me into a garbage can in the bathroom and then splashed cold water all over my body to wake me up. My wet clothes were dried with my own body heat while I was in the hallway in the cold December weather.

One night when I was being escorted to the bathroom, I came across another Dafa practitioner. She was shocked to see that my face was swollen and completely deformed, and my eyes were also swollen and bruised. The guard scolded me and warned me not to show my face to other people. Finally, after beating me with an electronic stick on my hands, feet, neck and mouth, the director of the labor camp said he would give up on me. He ordered me to sit in front of the wall every day and allowed me to sleep while I was sitting in the hallway.

When my deformed face recovered a little and didn't look that horrible, I was sent to the regular room. My right eye was still swollen and my body still hurt from the bruises. My eyesight became so weak that I couldn't even recognize my own towel and toothpaste. Except for three permitted occasions of using the toilet, I was ordered to sit still all day from 5:30am to 10pm without even turning my head. I was not allowed to wash at night. All I heard was bitter scolding and sarcastic laughter. The intense atmosphere became relaxed a bit before the Chinese New Year. I still had to sit still facing the wall and keep silent all day long, but I was allowed to go to the toilet on regular hours and also got the privilege of washing myself at night. I finally got a chance to relax a little, though I was still given two hours less sleeping time than my other cellmates. My body was recovering. One of my toes started to regain sensory feelings after a month. Two injuries on my head healed after two and a half months. I was able to put my neck on the pillow to sleep despite the pain.

The female practitioners who were sent to the Masanjia labor camp prior to me received even more horrendous, inhuman torture. I wonder what crimes on earth have we committed? Jiang Zemin said he would rule the country by law. Those who are detaining and investigating Falun Dafa practitioners do not act according to the law. They can enact a so-called law at will despite its contradiction to the constitution. They blatantly abuse the law for the convenience of justifying the horrendous crimes which they are committing against the innocent Falun Gong practitioners.