SOS! Connecticut Practitioners Walk for Freedom and Justice

[Minghui Net]Last Sunday morning, reporters from the biggest newspaper in Connecticut, the Hartford Courant, interviewed practitioners at a local practice site. Around 2PM, under the scorching sun, three of us Connecticut practitioners walked eastward along Highway 1, near Waterford, and were met by five other practitioners walking westward. They were happy that we joined them. We took over carrying the banner that read "STOP THE KILLING IN CHINA," and walked on, holding it up high. Cars constantly passed by, with drivers honking their horns to show their encouragement and support.

When we passed a roadside parking lot, a car traveling at high speed suddenly stopped and pulled over. An American stuck his head out of the car window and asked to take our picture so he could display it at his school. We all gladly posed for him and also gave him a Falun Dafa-introduction flyer.

At 4PM, news reporters from the FOX TV Station, channel 61 met us curbside for a previously arranged interview. The reporters walked along with us as we talked. After they had finished interviewing us, the photographer continued to run back and forth with his video camera on his shoulder taking photos, especially shots of our "walking feet" as well as of the logos on the backs of our T-shirts which read: "STOP THE PERSECUTION."