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Witness 1

I was illegally imprisoned in the Masanjia Labor Camp for practicing Falun Gong. I witnessed various despicable methods that were used by the guards to force practitioners to write statements of repentance. Today, these scenes still vividly exist in my mind.

Wang Manli, a 30-year-old female Falun Gong practitioner, refused to accept the urgings of the brainwashed converts and refused to write a repentance statement. At first, the guards sent several traitors in turn to "guide" her, giving her no rest. After failing to defeat her over several sleepless days and nights, they then ordered her to bend over at the waist as far as possible (with both legs straight, fingers pointing down to the ground and head hanging upside down). Wang would still not write the statement. The police then forced more than ten Falun Gong practitioners in the same room to bend over with her. They were forced to do this continuously night after night. Some people vomited, others lost consciousness.

There was an even more cruel torture. Wang Hui is a female practitioner in her 20's. When the police found that she wouldn't succumb, two of them tortured her with four electric batons, discharging electricity simultaneously to her breasts, heart, palms, soles, even her private parts. I heard the mixed sound of the electric discharges, her miserable screaming, and the guards yelling, "Why don't you swear for me? Swear! Swear!" Dozens of minutes passed and Wang Hui finally came out of the room. Her hair was a mess, her eyes were dull, and her body was shaking uncontrollably. Her neck and her hands were swelling where the flesh had been broken. She shied away from other people and would not let her hands be touched. The police stared at her and said, "You said you were loyal. Didn't you swear anyway?" They ordered her to write the repentance letter immediately. Wang Hui said, "What I write is false." They said, "We want even false ones." They then asked someone to give her the pen and paper.

Many practitioners here were not released on time but had to stay longer than their supposed sentences of labor. They were forced to do strenuous labor every day and were allowed only three to four hours rest.


Witness 2 á

I am a Falun Gong practitioner released from the Masanjia Labor Camp. I witnessed miserable scenes of Falun Gong practitioners being beaten mercilessly by the guards. The methods that they used were chilling.

For refusing to attend drill (which was routine for criminals), Wang Yanxia (female) was handcuffed to the legs of a bed so that she could neither sit nor squat. She was then beaten and kicked so hard that her front teeth and some hair fell out; her left eye was blood red, and her cheeks were bruised. After a heavy snowfall, the guards ordered her to take off her coat and, with only a thin shirt and pants, stand in the snow for more than two hours.

Zhao Yonghua, a female college teacher from Shenyang and Zhu Huimin, an elderly female from a village, also refused to attend drill. In the coldest winter, the guards took them outside and forced them to crawl back and forth on the ground for nearly one hour wearing only thin clothes.

Tian Miao, Tian Ling, and Yan Fengqin (all females) were cruelly tortured for the same reason. They were taken out separately. Tian Ling was locked in a toilet where she was kicked and beaten. Wang Shuzhen, the chief of a branch labor team, brought Yan Fengqin to a room and slapped and kicked her. A female guard, Huang, reminded the chief, "Why waste your energy, don't we have instruments?" Then Wang took two electric batons and discharged them on Yan's body, including her face, neck, chest, and breasts. Sometimes, Wang even kept the electric charge in one spot for several minutes before moving the baton. Tian Miao was brought to an office and stripped. Two female guards tortured her with electric batons, especially on her breasts, soles, and private parts. Tian Miao was rolling on the floor in pain. They cuffed her hands together and cuffed her feet separately to two legs of a table. Hearing Tian shouting with unbearable pain, they stuffed a filthy cloth into her mouth. Seemingly crazed, the two women took turns torturing her with more than 10 electric batons for nearly one hour. For a long time after, the chilling cries of Tian Miao still echoed in my ears.

By treating the Falun Gong practitioners with such vicious measures in the Masanjia Labor Camp, the guards appeared to have lost their human nature.