[Minghui Net] Beijing is the capital of the People's Republic of China. Immaculately dressed with the national emblem on their caps, Beijing policemen try to present a dignified and upright image for the Chinese nation. Since the country was established a few decades ago, the Public Security Bureau and the police sub-stations have been the first place people would think to go for help if they encountered murder, rape, robbery, theft or violence. However, while the Chinese nation is trying very hard to prove its civility, decent environment and improved human rights situation, some of the police officers among those who have been called the "people's police" by kind-hearted people and "uncle policeman" by innocent children--in particular, some police officers at the Beijing Qianmen Police Sub-station, have tried to commit contemptible sexual assaults and rape under the direction of Jiang Zemin and his accomplices.

Around December 20, 2000, a female Falun Gong practitioner shared with fellow practitioners her painful experience at the Beijing Qianmen Police Sub-station. Because she didn't want to get other people into trouble, she refused to give her name to the police. (In China, family members, relatives, employer and friends will typically be implicated for what the practitioners do--translator's note) So the Chief of the sub-station stripped off her clothes, leaving her in her underwear, and beat her severely. The practitioner still refused to tell. When he saw that he couldn't get her to provide the information, the Chief developed the obscene idea of raping her. The practitioner fought off his aggression with all her strength. As soon as he found that he couldn't succeed, this repugnant police officer took out his penis and spread his ejaculate all over her.

On December 9, 2000, six Falun Gong practitioners were taken to the Qianmen Police Sub-station for a strip-search, just because they made the truthful statement that "Falun Dafa is good." A female practitioner, who was called "number 100," was interrogated by the Deputy Chief of the Sub-station, Ma Zengyong. Ma made the practitioner kneel while reporting her name and address. He beat her with his police baton, touched her breasts and laughed insultingly. He even used the police baton to poke at the practitioner's breasts, private parts and the rest of her body for over an hour, turning large areas of her flesh into purple-colored bruises.

Later, this animal-like police officer, while wearing the national emblem on his cap, picked out another female practitioner, one who was a little over 20 years old, for an "interrogation." She was called "C105." Two hours later, the young practitioner was returned. Her pants were open, her eyes were bruised and her was hair messed up. Clusters of hair had been pulled out. Her pants were wet and her body was covered with bruises. What shocked people even more was that after the assault, the police officers asked victim C105 to pay 200 yuan (Chinese currency; average monthly income of an urban worker is around 500 yuan.) as a penalty. Ma Zengyong also dispatched two police officers to threaten the practitioner not to disclose this sexual assault at the Qianmen Police Sub-station to others!

After these "human beings" committed these despicable, subhuman acts that violate heaven's principles, not only did they not exhibit any remorse, but also they proceeded to engage in uncontrolled peremptory conduct. They made threats and imposed fines on the victims. Do their jobs give them the privilege of raping women? Do the laws of this country stand by people who abuse their power and act like animals? Has the national emblem become a protective shield for sexual predators?

When a person lives only to satisfy his vulgar sexual desires, when a human being has become so corrupt that he can only express himself with his sexual organ, when his soul has declined to the point that he behaves worse than an animal and shows no remorse, if retribution is not visited on him immediately, it must be because the gods feel that their direct involvement in punishing him will contaminate themselves. Then, let him be destroyed quickly by condemnation from his family, by humiliation from people around him and by self-inflicted physical harm! What this world needs is purity and human morality, not dirty and obscene animals in the guise of human beings.