• The Force-Feeding Torture Death of Dafa Practitioner Kong Xiaohai
  • Burning a Live Dafa Practitioner To Death - The Phone Number of the Criminal, Xu Shiqian, who Committed this Murder in Macheng City, Hubei Province, is Listed Below.
  • "We Should Learn from Falun Gong" -- a Comment from a University President at the Occasion of the Opening of the New Semester
  • "Mom, I Hope You will Do Better and Better"
  • "If You Tear Down Falun Gong Banner, You Will Indeed Receive Retribution"
  • Teacher's New Articles were Broadcast above Qiqihar City's Labor Camp
  • The Director of Beijing's Qianmen Police Office Behaved as an Animal
  • Evidence of How Jiang Zemin's Criminal Regime Fools and Harms the Citizens
  • The Criminal Records of Liu Jinbiao, the Head of a Unit in Beijing's Tuanhe Labor Camp
  • The Situation of Practitioners being Persecuted in Huzhu County of Qinghai Province
  • Viciousness at Qinghai Labor Camp Exposed
  • Laiwu Steel-Iron Factory Authorities Send Another 7 Dafa Practitioners to the Wangcun Labor Camp
  • Guangzhou City "610" Office Held an Inappropriate Picture Exhibition
  • Brutal Persecution in the Heizuizi Female Jail Causes Suffering for Dafa Practitioner Yu Lixin from Jilin City
  • Dafa Practitioner Zhang Jiezi, the Editor of the Changchun Daily, was Illegally Sentenced to 1 Year of Forced Labor
  • Law-Violating Public Servants Extorted Money from and Stole Personal Belongings of Dafa Practitioners in Nongan County, Jilin Province
  • Yinmahe Labor Camp Authorities from Jilin Province Tortured Dafa Practitioners
  • The Righteous Thoughts and Actions of Dafa Practitioners in Liuan City, Anhui Province
  • Officers from the Nangang Branch Police Department/ Fendou Police Station Persecute Dafa Practitioners and Slander Dafaá
  • The Kidnapping of Shanghai Dafa Practitioner Huang Zhaoyi into Brainwashing Classá
  • The Crimes Committed by Wang Jinchang -- Director of the Political and Law Office in Wuhu City, Anhui Province
  • Anhui Dafa Practitioners are Illegally Sentenced to a Labor Campá
  • Anhui Province Architecture Industrial University Authorities Persecute Dafa Practitionersá
  • The Righteous Thoughts of A Dafa Practitioner's Spouseá
  • Latest Report of the Condition of Part of Dafa Practitioners Detained in Dalian City Re-Education-Through-Labor Camp
  • Kindergarten Teacher Detained Indefinitely for Lawful Appealá
  • Longyao County Government Authorities Illegally Detained Dafa Practitionersá
  • Practitioner on Bail for Medical Treatment Was Arrested Again
  • Brief News from Shandong Provinceá
  • Persecutors of Falun Dafa Suffered Temporal Retributioná


[Minghui Net]

[Haerbin City, Heilongjiang Province] The Force-Feeding Torture Death of Dafa Practitioner Kong Xiaohai

Changlinzi Labor Camp personnel separated the so-called "reformed" persons from Dafa practitioners who rejected the brainwashing. Dafa practitioners were often locked up in a cramped cell, where they were hung up by their handcuffs in a terrible posture, which prevented them from raising their heads or squatting down. Usually, they were punished in this cell for over 10 days. Common criminals were permitted to lie down to sleep, whereas Dafa practitioners were not allowed to lie down.

After May 16, 2001, the vicious forces aggravated the persecution against Dafa practitioners. They often interrupted practitioners when they were using the bathroom. They did not provide enough food for the practitioners. They increased the workload and sometimes forced Dafa practitioners to work till midnight. Dafa practitioners did not cooperate with them and went on a hunger strike. The situation improved somewhat on the third day of the hunger strike. At least the practitioners were permitted enough time to use the bathroom.

During the hunger strike, after having been force-fed, Dafa practitioner Kong Xiaohai felt a pain in his chest. However the guard did not pay any attention to his situation. On the afternoon of the second day, as he was dying, the labor camp authorities sent him away. On the fourth day, Kong Xiaohai died as a result of the tortures.

(Note: It was difficult to get this news out. The detailed information about Kong Xiaohai and the location of this Changlinzi Labor Camp need to be further researched.)

[Macheng City, Hubei Province] Burning a Live Dafa Practitioner To Death: The Phone Number of the Criminal, Xu Shiqian, who Committed this Murder in Macheng City, Hubei Province, is Listed Below.

The murderer Xu Shiqian's phone number is 011-86-713-2625202, 011-86-713-2910330. He burned a Dafa practitioner alive and dragged another 2 practitioners behind a speeding motorcycle in Baiguo Town, Macheng City of Hubei Province. Someone called him about this case. After he picked up the phone, he did not say anything. He did not hang up immediately when the caller started to talk. We hope that practitioners call in to sternly warn him that it is the law of heaven that the evil will beget evil, and good will be rewarded with good. Persecuting Falun Gong is an intolerable sin. We suggest practitioners from abroad to contact the foreign media to follow up and report on this incident.

[Northeast China] "We Should Learn from Falun Gong" -- a Comment from a University President at the Occasion of the Opening of the New Semester

On a morning of early March 2001, on the campus of a university in Northeast China, all faculty and students were lined up for the school's opening ceremony. Shortly after, the university president's voice could be heard through the high-volume address system: "Students, the new semester has just started. We should all learn from Falun Gong practitioners' courage of overcoming hardships. We admire their fearless spirits to uphold the truth and persist in being good persons. Study diligently. Be good students with high morals, advanced knowledge and good health." Immediate after the speech, all the teachers and students applauded loudly.

[China] "Mom, I Hope You will Do Better and Better"

Officials from her workplace sent a fellow practitioner to a detention center. Her 10-year-old daughter, who also practices Falun Gong, was left home alone. We went to visit the daughter and told her, "Let's send forth the righteous thoughts to help your mother get out as soon as possible. Okay?" However, the daughter said, "I would like to see my mother getting out of the detention center. At the same time I also hope she can endure all the hardships and help those brainwashed' persons. I was deeply moved by her words. My eyes were filled with tears. Looking at her innocent face, I tried my best to hold back my tears. But I could not say anything. What I wanted to do was to stay with her. In this way, we sat there silently.

I understood that she had turned the pain of being separated from her mother into great compassion. I believed that her mother would be encouraged by what her daughter said, "Mom, I hope you will do better and better" to eliminate the evil, and get back her freedom.

[China] "If You Tear Down A Falun Gong Banner, You Will Indeed Receive Retribution"

A senior named Li has been a party member for many years. His wife is a Falun Gong practitioner. She always spread the word about Dafa and clarified the truth to him. Influenced by the government's propaganda from state- run newspaper and TV, however, he doubted what his wife has told him.

Mr. Li did not believe the heavenly principles about retribution. But his own experience convinced him. One day he saw a Dafa banner hung on the street of which he was in charge. There was also a small note on the banner, which read, "Whoever tears it down will receive retribution." He did not take the note seriously and ignored it. He went on to tear the banner down. After he came back home, he felt a pain on the arm that tore the banner down. He went out into the sunshine, to ease the pain. However his head became sunburned. He came to believe that the Falun Dafa banner should not have been torn down. Otherwise, retribution would fall on the one who does so.

[Qiqihar City, Heilongjiang Province] Teacher's New Articles were Broadcast above Qiqihar City's Labor Camp

On the night of June 24, Dafa practitioners placed a loudspeaker near Qiqihar City's Labor Camp and broadcast Teacher's new article, "What are supernormal abilities" and a few additional articles. The practitioners outside informed Dafa practitioners inside being illegally detained in the Camp that they could use their supernormal abilities to validate the mighty power of Dafa, eliminate the evil and walk bravely out of the labor camp.

Now many other practitioners are trying different ways to send the message to practitioners being illegally detained. Right now, thousands of various kinds of Dafa truth-clarifying materials have been sent out. Countless Dafa banners are being made. Videodiscs and tapes are continuously produced.

All in all, most practitioners do not wait for or rely on others. They all take the initiative as Dafa disciples, with all kinds of methods and means at their disposal. A lot of practitioners spontaneously are sending forth their righteous thoughts, at 5am, 6am, and 7am every morning, to eliminate the evil forces. They send forth the righteous thoughts whenever they have time. Some practitioners also schedule a fixed time to collectively send forth their righteous thoughts, for the criminals who wound or beat Dafa practitioners to death to receive retribution.

[Beijing] The Director of Beijing's Qianmen Police Office Behaved as an Animal

On December 20, 2000, I went to safeguard Dafa in Beijing. I met with a female Dafa practitioner. She told me her painful experiences in Beijing's Qianmen police station.

As she refused to tell her name, the director of that police station stripped her clothes off, allowing her only a piece of underwear, and beat her. She was still determined not to tell her name. Therefore the director attempted to rape her. She resisted with her life. Since the director could not rape her, he then exposed his penis and ejaculated on her. Because she resisted with her life she was not actually raped, but this incident has left her with a deep emotional scar. She wanted to end her life and die several times. But as a Dafa practitioner, she knew it is a sin to commit suicide. Meanwhile, if she were dead, the wicked person would take the opportunity to frame and slander Dafa. She told me, "If I have the opportunity, I will expose this matter and let this "director" get his retribution."

[Beijing] Evidence of How Jiang Zemin's Criminal Regime Fools and Harms the Citizens

Over 10 days ago, when I passed by Beidaihe City, I witnessed an inconceivable thing in the Beidaihe Railway Station. When all passengers lined up to get in the train station, suddenly a young lady at the front of the line shouted, "It is so scary. I don't want to step on it. I do not practice Falun Gong. But I am scared of doing it. I do not want to step on it." A young man standing by her said, "If you do not step on it, you can not get in the station, which means you can not get on the train." I looked forward. At the entrance to No.4 platform, Teacher's pictures were placed on the ground. All were enlarged, semi effigy photos, fixed to the ground with several layers of transparent tape. At the entrance of No.6 platform, there was a piece of newspaper with words printed on it, which slandered Dafa and Teacher. This paper was also attached to the ground with transparent tape.

By exposing this news here, I wish people with a sense of conscience and justice could publicize how the vicious political regime fools and harms its people. The methods they applied were so shameless and impudent. In the summer, Beidaihe City is a famous tourist place. There are a lot foreign travelers visiting everyday. It is really hard to understand that such a thing could happen in the Beidaihe Railway Station.

[Beijing] The Criminal Records of Liu Jinbiao, the Head of a Unit in Beijing's Tuanhe Labor Camp

Liu Jinbiao is the head of a unit in Beijing's Tuanhe Labor Camp. He has persecuted Falun Gong practitioners since July 20, 1999, when Falun Gong became outlawed. His methods are very cruel. One his most debased methods used to torture Dafa practitioners consists of tying practitioners to a board and placing them directly on the cement floor. Practitioners cannot move at all for 24 hours a day. At meal times they are force-fed. The guards tried daily to attempt to brainwash practitioners using this method of persuasion. Now there are still 2 practitioners being bound to the boards. A practitioner was tortured this way for over 30 days. The practitioner was extremely weak. Another method used was electrically shocking practitioners' heads and the arches of their feet. Sometimes, the guards used 5 or 6 electric batons all together. The third method was to brainwash practitioners with government ideologies.

[Qinghai Province] The Situation of Practitioners being Persecuted in Huzhu County of Qianghai Province

Four practitioners, including Xu Fa, Xue Xinqing, Zhang Youzhen, and Wei Jinlu were detained by local police officers due to practicing Falun Dafa and distributing Dafa truth-clarifying materials. From March 23 to April 25, 2001, the practitioners' homes were ransacked. The guards beat the practitioners up during their detention. The law-violating officials who persecuted Falun Gong practitioners in Huzhu County were: Yin Xianzhang, the head of Security Unit in the County Police Department; He Youzhen, the vice head of County Operative Unit.

The police from Biantan Village Police Office fined each practitioner 50 to 200 Yuan and forced them to perform hard labor for 1 week. The police ordered them to "come to the police office whenever they were asked." The director of Police Office is Xue Wenfu.

[Qinghai Province] Viciousness at Qinghai Labor Camp Exposed

Qinghai Labor Camp authorities have committed countless crimes to force Dafa practitioners to give up their beliefs in Falun Dafa. At first, the practitioners were separated, for brainwashing, and then detained with drug offenders. Contact between practitioners was forbidden. Afterwards, they did gather all practitioners together for brainwashing. If practitioners still did not give up their belief in Falun Dafa, the guards would group them into a "constrained team," to be "strictly disciplined."

Female team guards checked all female practitioners upon arriving. The practitioners were required to immediately strip after being brought in. Each practitioner was turned over to 2 drug offense criminals for "strict supervision." If practitioners did not comply with the directives, the criminals would punch and kick them. The authorities also incited people to beat and otherwise punish Dafa practitioners. A girl named Fan was stripped off all her clothes because she did not cooperate with the brainwashing orders. The guards tortured her with an electric baton and locked her up for seven days in solitary confinement. They spread rumors that this girl had mental problems and that she attempted to commit suicide. The guards did not allow other practitioners to contact her. Finally they prolonged her detention term by arbitrarily adding another 5 months and ordered 2 drug offense criminals to watch her. The guards stripped another practitioner, Jia, and tortured her with an electric baton as well, because she read and passed on Master's article "Towards Consummation" to other practitioners. Consequently, her detention term was extended for another 3 months.

In June 2001, Master's new article that spread among practitioners frightened the vicious forces. They conducted a so-called "3 month training" for all practitioners who were recently detained. The daily "training" lasted over 10 hours. Due to the extremely hot weather, the guards didn't dare to come out of their offices to deal with practitioners, but instead ordered the drug offense criminals to take turns torturing Dafa practitioners. On a daily basis, Dafa practitioners were only allowed one meal, lunch, and were not allowed to drink any water. They would not even make an exception for the elderly lady who was in her 60s. The practitioners who could not walk anymore had to stay outside, to suffer in these hot temperatures. Since she was too tired to walk, practitioner Zhang sat down for a moment. For that infringement the police ordered drug offense criminals to beat her and then locked her up separately for 7 days. In addition, they added another 3 months to her detention term. Practitioner Miao could not walk anymore because her legs were swollen. The thugs punished her separately for stopping to walk by beating her with an electric baton, simply because she sat down for a short while. Practitioners had to have their meals in a square outlined by the guards on the field, regardless of whether it was rainy or windy.

In the male team, when practitioner He Wanji's mother and his son came to visit him, the guards arranged the visit in a meeting room installed with a hidden camera and microphone. The guards secretly videotaped their conversations during the meetings. As a result, his mother, who was in her 70s was arrested and illegally detained for 29 days. She was also fined 100 Yuan. His young son was detained for 4 days and fined 1,500 Yuan (This amounts to three months income for an average city worker in China). He himself had been locked up 7 days and forced to write the "repentance statement" [A statement declaring that he is sorry that he practices Falun Dafa and will never do it again, but will obey Jiang Zemin's ideology from now on]. His detention term was prolonged by 3 months.

Practitioner Tang, a teacher in a middle school in Xining City, was illegally sent to a labor camp due to his appealing for Falun Dafa in Beijing. While in the labor camp, he was enlightened to the realization that cultivation practice is very serious. He became aware that a practitioner could not denounce Dafa on the surface, and in one's heart still want to cultivate. Doing it this way is not the behavior of a Dafa practitioner. Dafa practitioners should always take the Fa as the teacher. 'No matter how the guards would treat me, I would cultivate to the end.' His firm, righteous thoughts shocked the vicious forces. They transferred him to a "strictly supervised" team. Then he was transferred again to a "strictly disciplined class" and was watched by 12 drug offense criminals. Now he has not been released, even though his detention term has expired.

The above are just some of the persecution circumstances of local Dafa practitioners.

The List of the Policemen:

The head of the Qinghai Detention Center: Ma Ruqiang, phone: 011-86-971-13709762701

The head of the Management Department: Lu Xin: Phone: 011-86-971-5130627or 5130619 ext: 3107, 3108

Supervisor of No.1Team: Yao Wenkui

Head of the Female Team: Guo Xia

Supervisor of the Female Team: Duan Hairong (now is the head of Female Labor Camp Management Section)

Supervisor of No.2 Team: Yang Yong

Clerical worker of No.1Team: Zha Xi

No.1 Department of Xining Police Station: Head officer Liu, phone: 011-86-971-8248906; ext. 3492

Head officer Wang: 011-86-971-8248906; ext 3499

Head officer Yang: 011-86-971-3997323 or 3999406

The head of the Law and Politics Section of Xining City Police Station, Hu Jianguo

Xining Railway Police Department:

Head officer: Guo Quanfan: 011-86-971-81929188192708H

Secretary: Li Zhiyi: 011-86-971-81926988192908H

Vice-director: Yang Kun: 011-86-971-8192138

[Laiwu City, Shandong Province] Laiwu Steel-Iron Factory Authorities Send Another 7 Dafa Practitioners to the Wangcun Labor Camp

On June 18, 2001, Laiwu Steel-Iron Factory authorities sent 7 Dafa practitioners from their brainwashing class to the Wangcun Labor Camp. They were Bo Shihua, Wang Liangai, Liu Guanwei, Gao Yingfeng, An Jin, Wang Weifen, and Zhang. Bo Shihua was once detained in Jinan Labor Camp on April 11 where she remained until June 14th. After her release she was detained again.

[Guangzhou City, Guangzhou Province] Guangzhou City "610" Office Held an Inappropriate Picture Exhibition


Since June 21, Guangzhou City's "610" Office (An office established on June 10 to persecute, harass and abuse Falun Dafa practitioners) and people from the District Public Health Bureau collectively held a disgraceful picture exhibition in Huadu New Century Square to slander Dafa and Teacher by using foul language. We hope all Dafa disciples take action to eliminate the evil forces. With our righteous thoughts we are offering salvation to human beings.

[Jilin City, Jilin Province] Brutal Persecution in the Heizuizi Female Jail Causes Suffering for Dafa Practitioner Yu Lixin from Jilin City

Yu Lixin, female, 36 years old, holds a bachelor's degree. She is a former communist party member and an employee of Jilin City Worker's Union. Many times she had been awarded an "advanced model worker" certificate because of her outstanding moral character and hard work. She was expelled from her job and the party membership because she practiced Falun Dafa. In 1999, she was illegally detained in the Jilin City Detention Center for 9 months. Recently she was secretly sentenced to 5 years in jail. Her relatives were not informed of the "trial." She is being held in Jilin Heizuizi's Female Jail.

In 1999, during the 9 and a half months when she was detained in the Jilin Detention Center, the police incited common criminals to continuously beat her for 1 month, trying to stop her from practicing Falun Dafa. She was force-fed, which caused her to have nose bleed and sometimes vomiting. Based on her righteous faith in Dafa and Teacher, she walked out of the detention center nobly without writing down or signing any "repentance" statement. She joined the mighty current of Fa-rectification as soon as she came out of the detention center, but was arrested again in Beijing in October 2000. She escaped when she was treated in a hospital for the wounds she had received. The police detained her again in the Jilin City Detention Center for fear she would use her freedom for Falun Dafa. On May 29, 2001, she was illegally sentenced to 5 years in jail and sent to the Jilin Heizuizi Female Prison. Yu Lixin went on a hunger strike three times to protest the illegal sentence. The first one lasted 19 days, second one lasted 29 days, now she is on her third hunger strike which has been going on for 26 days.

When her relatives visited her at the Changchun Police Central Hospital they found her handcuffed and shackled and locked onto the bed, with her hands and feet stretched to each corner of the bed. She only wore a T-shirt. An intravenous drip bottle was attached to her foot and a feeding tube had been inserted into her stomach through her nose. Yu Lixin was as thin as a lath. She was not allowed to move at all and had to release her stools and urinate on the bed. When she could not urinate due to the severe tortures, the doctor inserted a catheter into her bladder to empty it. On top of all that, she was under strict 24 hour surveillance. She was inhumanly tortured. Another practitioner from Changchun City is being tortured the same way in the same room.

Jilin Heizuizi Female jail, phone:

011-86-431-5382883; ask for the office of head Wu

011-86-431-5382883; ext 2292 for Head Officer Li of the Jail Politics Section

[Changchun City, Jilin Province] Dafa Practitioner Zhang Jiezi, the Editor of the Changchun Daily, was Illegally Sentenced to 1 Year of Forced Labor

Dafa practitioner Zhang Jiezi, editor of the Changchun Daily, was sentenced to 1 year of forced labor after validating Dafa in Beijing. Under this vicious persecution, Zhang Jiezi broke away from Dafa and turned toward the government's ideology. In August 2000, she was released from the Changchun Heizhuizi Labor Camp. After she resumed the Fa study, she suddenly "woke up" and felt great remorse. Therefore she came back to the mighty current of Fa-rectification. She went to Beijing again to validate Dafa and was illegally detained again.

[Nong'an County, Jilin Province] Law-Violating Public Servants Extorted Money from and Stole Personal Belongings of Dafa Practitioners

After appealing in Beijing, local police officials detained a female Dafa practitioner from the Nong'an countryside. Her family members had to hand in 8,000 Yuan (An amount equal to almost 3 years' income of a rural Chinese worker) to bail her out. Over 100 practitioners were released after their families handed in money. This is more supportive criminal evidence of Jiang Zemin's regime persecuting practitioners and extorting money from them.

Police unlawfully arrested Dafa practitioner Zhao Jinmin from Yangshu Village, Dehui City, because she distributed Dafa truth-clarifying materials.

[Jilin Province] Yinmahe Labor Camp Authorities Tortured Dafa Practitioners

To force Dafa practitioners to give up their beliefs in Falun Dafa, the No.1 Team in Yinmahe Labor Camp did not allow relatives to visit Dafa practitioners or bring in daily necessities. They would not release practitioners after their detention terms were expired. They also forced practitioner to do perform heavy workloads and tortured them in many ways.

Yinmahe Labor Camp, Jiutai City, Jilin Province, post code: 130500

No. 1 Team; Supervisor Meng; Head Officer Zeng Fanyi; Secretary Lu Jianhui

No. 2 Team; Supervisor Li Junbo; Head Officer Li Chengzhou; Secretary Zhao Jiusheng

No. 4 Team; Supervisor Zheng Hailing; Secretary Ma

Logistic Team: Head Officer Yang; Secretary Zhang Xin

Education Team: Supervisor Gao Ke; Head Officer Xie Guoxin; Secretary Lu

Head of the Labor Camp: Yang Yong

Head who is mainly in charge of persecuting Falun Gong: Guo


[Liuan City, Anhui Province] The Righteous Thoughts and Actions of Dafa Practitioners in Liuan City

Dafa practitioners in Liuan City acted firmly during the Fa-rectification demonstrating their resolute faith in Dafa and performing a great deal of truth-clarifying work. They mailed materials that validated and promoted Dafa to out-of-state places, to numerous local agencies, police stations, governmental offices, factories, companies and individuals. They also distributed and posted Dafa-promoting and truth-clarifying materials at public places and in the streets, on buses and even in the countryside.á

In the winter of 2000, practitioner Tian Liya and other fellow practitioners experienced all kinds of tortures during their illegal detention period. They did group practice of Falun Gong exercises. When the guards found out, they poured hot water over their heads. When the practitioners performed the second set of exercises the guards turned on a fan, but the practitioners all felt the air was hot and didn't feel cold at all. Tian Liya's father contacted police and said, "Please release my daughter!" and tried to bail her out. The police said, "Don't concern yourself about that; your daughter said, 'I won't leave jail as long as the Fa is not rectified! "á

In March 2001, during practitioner Zhang's detention, he was deprived of his right to sleep at night. The police forced him to assemble light bulbs, until his hands were all tired out and bloody . His workload was very heavy, and if his concentration would slip a little, the guard would order the prisoners to pull off all his clothes, push him down on the ground and whip him so severely with a leather thong that he hovered between life and death. Director Yu and instructor Liao are extremely cruel. They curse and beat Dafa practitioners every chance they get.á

During his detention period, Dafa practitioner Zhang Jialin suffered a lot in this hell on earth. He insisted on doing the Falun Gong exercises and reciting Teacher's lectures; consequently the guards beat him up whenever they saw him doing it. One day, when the guards spotted him doing the sitting meditation, they stomped on his legs as hard as they could. His legs started bleeding and he fainted. What a wretched scene. Despite this treatment, whenever he had time, he still did the exercises and was beaten each time when he was observed. He spent 7 months in that camp and was tortured to the point of being skin and bones and could hardly walk.á

In April of this year, police sent Dafa practitioner Shao Hongmei by force to the Hefei Women's Labor Camp to be brainwashed. Several people were already in that camp who had become muddle-headed in Dafa from false understanding, due to attachments and betrayal of Dafa. As soon as she got there, a few such "reformed" people came up to her and started to persuade her to give up Dafa. She sent forth her righteous thoughts and scolded them sternly. She turned a deaf ear and refused to listen to their evil persuasion, acting firmly, even under heavy pressure and threats. Thus, she was illegally sentenced to 3 years in a labor camp.á

There were also other people who couldn't let go of their attachments and sided with the evil forces. Zhou was sent to Hefei Women's Labor Camp in February 2001 and was brainwashed. She tried to convince other practitioners to betray Dafa. She previously suffered from cirrhosis of the liver, which had been cured through practicing Dafa. After she betrayed Dafa, somebody who met her recently saw that her legs had open sores, and that pus and blood were oozing out. We hope that all people who went astray and away from Dafa will immediately turn back and double their efforts to make amends as soon as possible!á

An atrocious person was in charge at the Sanliqiao Police Station of Liuan City It was his job to persecute Falun Gong practitioners. His son was killed by a car during the Spring Festival. We think that the child suffered this disaster, an act of retribution, for the crimes committed by his father.

[Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province] Officers from the Nangang Branch Police Department/ Fendou Police Station Persecute Dafa Practitioners and Slander Dafaá

At around 4pm on June 22, Nangang Branch Police Department/ Fendou Police Station demonstrated evidence of a new round of persecution of Dafa. It happened on Bile Street. Dafa practitioners who were illegally arrested include Bi Yunfei, Yang Wenying and others. They also illegally confiscated practitioners' private property, including a computer, printer, scanner, speed printer and over 10,000 Yuan [about $1,176, the average MONTHLY income in urban areas of China is $60.00] The police exhibition board even audaciously slandered and attacked Falun Gong founder Mr. Li Hongzhi. In order to expose the evil and clarify the truth to people, facing evil persecution, without the slightest regret and hesitation, Dafa practitioners left behind their families and careers. Heaven's justice will manifest; both the good and the evil will receive just rewards and retribution.á

The phone number of Fendou Police Station: 011-86-2621092.á

[Shanghai City] The Kidnapping of Shanghai Dafa Practitioner Huang Zhaoyi into A Brainwashing Classá

Shanghai practitioner Huang Zhaoyi was illegally detained for one month in April of this year, simply because Dafa truth-clarifying material was found posted in his neighborhood and some Dafa materials were found in his home. Last week, he was illegally arrested and sent to a brainwashing class and is not yet released.

[Wuhu City, Anhui Province] The Crimes Committed by Wang Jinchang -- Director of the Political and Law Office in Wuhu Cityá

Hefei Dafa practitioner Dong Hong went to Beijing to appeal in January 2001. Her family had not heard from her for a long time. They learned recently that she was illegally sentenced to one-and-a-half years in a camp, the Xinan Labor Camp in Tiantanghe, Daxing County, Beijing.á

Wang Jinchang, the director of Political and Law Office in Wuhu City passionately slandered and attacked Dafa. Recently, he even held a photo exhibition at a boat dock to slander Dafa. He was also awarded a prize for his efforts in persecuting Dafa.á

Political and Law Office in Wuhu City, Anhui Province:

Director's Office phone number: 011-86-553-3826124

Administrative Office phone number: 011-86-553-3835738.á

[Anhui Province] Anhui Dafa Practitioners are Illegally Sentenced to a Labor Campá

  1. On May 1, 2001, Xu Yueying and Shen Lichun, who worked at the Anhui Agricultural Institute, were arrested for distributing Dafa truth-clarifying materials and sent to detention center in a suburb in Heifei City. 15 Days later, their sentence was changed to "criminal detention." On June 6, 2001, they were sent to the Hefei Women's Labor Camp. Their families have not yet received the labor camp notice. After Xu Yueying and Shen Lichun were caught, Anhui Agricultural Institute authorities got so furious that they sent all the other Dafa practitioners to brainwashing classes.á
  2. The Political and Law Office in Wuhu City held an exhibition to libel Dafa, and Dafa practitioners in Wuhu City firmly eradicated the evil. They painted a large number of signs and posters, such as"Restore Falun Dafa's Reputation," "Restore Our Master's Reputation," and more, around the committee's exhibition area, which effectively wiped out the evil.
  3. Criminals who participated in the illegal arrest of Dafa practitioner Yu Jun:

Wei Zuobao, the section chief of the Internal Security Section of Hefei City Economic Development Zone's Police Department; phone number: 011-86-551-3811292.

The director of the Mingzhu Police Station of Hefei City's Economic Development Zone, phone number: 011-86-551-3892911.á

[Hefei City, Anhui Province] Anhui Architecture Industrial University Authorities Persecute Dafa Practitionersá

Since July 1999, Anhui Architecture Industrial University personnel have been actively cooperating with the evil forces in the persecution of Dafa practitioners.á

Wu Xiaohua, female, 47 years old, is an associate professor of the Environment Art Department at the above mentioned university. In December 1999, she went to appeal and was escorted back and detained. 10 days later, the university bailed her out. The next morning, people from the university tricked her into attending a brainwashing class in a suburb of Heifei City. In this brainwashing class Wu Xiaohua led other fellow practitioners to recite Lunyu.[the forward of Zhuan Falun] Then the anti-Dafa people immediately sent her to the detention center for criminal detention and later sentenced her to 2 years in a labor camp. Later, under duress, she was sent to Hefei Mental Hospital. As she would not relinquish her attachments, she unfortunately became "reformed," away from Dafa and turned toward government ideologies. In March 2001, she was released. She experienced heavy remorse after she learned the truth. Since then, she has called all the people she knew who were brainwashed and asked them to persist in cultivation. By the end of April, Wu Xiaohua was again arrested when working at the university. This was the 5th time that Hefei police department employees went to the university to arrest Dafa practitioners. á

Xu Feng, a young teacher at this university, was suspended from his job and his salary was reduced for his appeal for Falun Dafa. In October 2000, officers from the Feidong County police station tried to arrest him, with help from the security office of the university but failed. In order to escape the further persecution, Xu Feng was forced to leave his home and went away. He was later illegally arrested in Zhejiang Province and for the past eight months has been held at the Feidong Detention Center.

Yu Jun, a student at the Architecture Material Department of the class of 1996 is a well-known, good student who has won scholarships and many times held the title "excellent student leader." For appealing for Falun Dafa three times, he received a one-year suspension. The university later expelled him. In December 2000 he was arrested at home. He has been illegally held for seven months in the No.1 Detention Center of Hefei City.á

Mei Yang, a student of the class of 1998 was suspended for one year for appealing twice for Falun Dafa. In January 2000, he was illegally arrested by policemen and university security officers when he was discussing postponing a test at the dean's office. He has been held at No.1 Detention Center of Hefei City for half a year now.á

Liu Gang, a student of the class of 1998 went to appeal in July 2000 and was illegally detained for 15 days. In January 2000, university security office authorities attempted to arrest him by telling him that the dean wanted to talk to him. He cleverly escaped after he perceived the ruse, but had to wander the streets as a homeless person ever since. In April 2001, he was arrested without due cause and is now illegally held at the No.1 Detention Center of Hefei City.á

Wu Jingqing, a student of the class of 1996 was suspended for one year for appealing for Falun Dafa. During this period, the university used both threats and promises to force her to write a "guarantee letter."[ This letter means that a practitioner will no longer go to Beijing to appeal for Falun Dafa; no longer practice Falun Dafa; no longer associate with other practitioners, and more]. In March 2001, local police officers and university security officers took her away. She was detained for one month.á

The university has been threatening and coercing other students who never even appealed for Falun Dafa to write the "guarantee letter" and "repentance letter." Threats happen in the form of suspension, expulsion and calling students' parents.á

Wu Jiagui, the President of Anhui Architecture Industrial University; phone number: 011-86-551-3525022 ext 3005 or 3516763 (office) and 2874380 (home);

Xia Luping, the Vice President of Anhui Architecture Industrial University; phone number: 011-86-551-3525022 ext 3010 or 3523501 (office) and 3510061 (home);

Wang Shimin, the director of the Discipline Committee and Students' Division; phone number: 011-86-551-3525022 ext 3004 or 3529207 (office) and 3510190 (home);

Luu Changwei, the assistant director of the Security Office; phone number: 011-86-551-3525022 ext 3041. (This person treats Dafa practitioners fiercely. (His hair turned from black to gray-white in one year. He looks very wan now.)


[China] The Righteous Thoughts of A Dafa Practitioner's Spouseá

While her non-practitioner husband was away on a business trip, Dafa practitioner Xiao Xie (pseudonym) was arrested and sent to a brainwashing class during the Spring Festival. The arrest happened because of her persistent cultivation in Dafa. Her daughter, an elementary school child, was left at home all by herself.á

Several days ago, the district sheriff went to Xiao's home and claimed that he wanted to talk to Xiao's family, while in fact, he came to find out the latest about Xiao, in order to take her to another brainwashing class. Xiao's husband happened to meet the sheriff. Her husband pointed to the sheriff's nose and vehemently accused him, "Before I could go to find you, you came to me yourself. You took away my wife during the Spring Festival [equivalent to Christmas in U.S.] and made my daughter a helpless, poor child. Do you have any human compassion at all? Weren't you also born and raised by parents? Shame on you for even coming and wanting to talk to me! Are you even qualified to be a human being? You are not a human being and not worthy of my time to talk to you. Let me tell you something: if you do not leave me alone, I will not let you live a happy life, either. You broke up my family during holiday time. I will remember this debt. From now on, don't you dare to come to my home again." Hearing this, the sheriff was very much ashamed of himself and dejectedly left Xiao's home.

[Dalian City, Liaoning Province] Latest Report of the Condition of Part of Dafa Practitioners Detained in Dalian City Re-Education-Through-Labor Camp

The following male Dafa practitioners are being "strictly disciplined," [which, in fact, means brutally tortured,]:á

In the male brigade: Dong Yadong, Wu Yuanjun, Gong Guowei, Liu Zhongyao, Liu Zhonglin, Zhang Xiaodong, Lin Gang, Zhang Ximing, Li Jiwei, Wang Zhiyong, Zhang Jun, Liu Guichun, Wang Lin, and Guo Jufeng.á

In other brigades: Tian Jun, Han Fei, Lu Kaili, Xu Gang, Huang Hongqi, Chen Jiafu, Li Maoxun, Wang Rui, Feng Gang, Liu Qingming, and Liu Hongyou.á

About 150 Dafa practitioners are held in the male division. They were divided into 5 brainwashing classes and 1 "strict-disciplining" class. On May 10, another 20 Dafa practitioners were brought here. Among them, one Dafa practitioner (whose name is unknown) was sent to the "strict-disciplining" class after he passed the tribulations in the brainwashing class. Many Dafa practitioners, including Xue Dianshi, Wang Muhai, Wang Linchang, Yin Libin, and Qu Fei were unlawfully detained in the brainwashing classes. However, they didn't give in and refused to write the "Five Letters" [documents that indicate the author's abandonment of Dafa.].á

We have heard that over 250 Dafa practitioners are detained in the female brigade. Not long ago, Wang Haiying and 10 other female practitioners were sent to Masanjia Labor Camp [notorious for its cruel ways in torturing Dafa practitioners.]. Before they left the brigade, they were even stripped of their socks and shoes. Now it is known that over 80 Dafa practitioners are detained at Yaojia Detention Center.á

The guards in Dalian City Re-Education Camp are:

Qiao Wei (the chief of the male brigade), 011-86-411-6827281 (phone);

Wang Jun, 011- 86-411-4604201-3678 (pager) and 13500716127 (cell phone);

Gao Chengyou (the leader of No. 3 Team), 011-86-411-2814888-19151 (pager);

Zhuang Yonggui (the leader of No. 2 Team), 011-86-411-65005554 (phone);

Chief Sun, 011-86-411-6830058 (home phone), 191-2991976 (current pager), 96191-87399 (previous pager);

Chief Liu, 126-1018518 (pager) (needs verification).á

[Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province]. Kindergarten Teacher Detained Indefinitely for Lawful Appealá

Forty-year old female Dafa practitioner Ji Guihua is a kindergarten teacher in Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province. In December 2000, she lawfully went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Dafa and returned in the evening of New Year's Day. The same night, the police, who had been illegally monitoring her, arrested her. Because she wouldn't give up her cultivation of Falun Dafa, she was detained indefinitely in Xingtang County Detention Center without any legal procedures. The guards didn't even allow her family to visit her and thus made her family extremely anxious, without even knowing whether Ji is dead or alive. In the interim, her workplace fired her. A corrupt local policeman surnamed Fan also illegally extorted 1,200 Yuan [the average monthly income in urban China is $60 Yuan.] from her family. Whenever it is a "sensitive day" [relating to Falun Dafa.], this policeman always harasses Ji's home life.á

The phone number of the Xingtang County Detention Center is 011-86-311-2981316.á

[Longyao County, Hebei Province]. Longyao County Government Authorities Illegally Detained Dafa Practitionersá

Qi Xiangfen is a female psychology teacher at Longyao County Normal School in Xingtai City. She went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Dafa on December 16, 2000. After she returned home, the police arrested her without any due process of law and took her away from her home. Jin Pingzi, the chief of Political Affairs in the Longyao County Police Station took her husband, An Zhenhai away. An Zhenhai had been detained for several months. Both Qi and her husband were detained in Longyao County Detention Center in Hebei Province. Jin didn't allow their family to visit them. Their young child was left at home alone without any care. They have urgent need for help.á

Su Dongze, male, 27 year old, a Dafa practitioner in Lincheng County, Hebei Province. He was arrested in July 2000 for spreading the truth about Dafa to people. Because he refused to write the "guarantee letter" [which states the author's promise to give up cultivation of Dafa], he was detained in the Longyao County Detention Center. His recent condition is unknown and the present situation calls for help from people from all walks of life.

The following are the names of the criminals (and their phone numbers) who have been persecuting Dafa practitioners:

Jin Pingzi, the Chief of Political Affairs in Longyao County Police Station, 86-319-6663251 (home phone), 011-86-319-31012132868 (cell phone);

Feng Qunhai, the chief of Longyao County Police Station (he is also in charge of the Detention Center), 011-86-319-6662240 ext. 3004;

The guards' office number in the Longyao County Detention Center, 011-86-319-6665044.á

[Dalian City, Liaoning Province] Practitioner on Bail for Medical Treatment Was Arrested Again

Guo Haoyu, a practitioner in Dalian City [Liaoning Province] got out of Masanjia Labor Camp on bail in February 2001 for medical treatment. In the morning on June 20, Dalian police took her away for the second time straight from her home. Her whereabouts are unknown. Before the arrestment, the police had been monitoring her for 2 whole days.á

[Shandong Province] Brief News from Shandong Provinceá

A. Dafa practitioners Du Sujie, Zhen Xiuli (from Yutai area), and Li Qingsuo from Jining City of Shandong Province were illegally sent to labor camps.

B. On June 20, police arrested over 30 Dafa practitioners during their experience sharing conference. They are now illegally detained in Heze City Detention Center. Their present conditions are unknown.

[China] Persecutors of Falun Dafa Suffered Immediate Retributioná

In early March, one Dafa practitioner working for a hospital in a city in Northeast China didn't cooperate with the evil forces and refused to go to the brainwashing class. Then, the director of the hospital went to this practitioner and started beating him and speaking slanderous words regarding Dafa. In the same afternoon, the director fell while walking up the stairs and broke his arms. The head nurse, who often reported to the hospital director about Dafa practitioners, tripped and fractured her ankle. She could not work for half a month and has still not recovered. Both of them realized that they received immediate retribution. This incident became well known in the local area. Ever since then, nobody creates interference when Dafa practitioners reveal the truth and promote Falun Dafa at their workplaces.á

Xu Dongwei, a leader of the Association of Musicians in Guangdong Province asked the police to take away female Dafa practitioner Zhang Liang, who had been fearlessly spreading the truth about Dafa and resisting the government activity of collecting signatures for the "million signatures" drive. Within two weeks, when Xu went to his hometown during the May 1st holiday, he died from a car accident, in which his car was also destroyed. á

Liu Guangying, the chief of Hengshui City's police station, cruelly mistreated the local people and committed all types of crimes. Since July 20, 1999, Liu has been actively participating in the persecution of Dafa practitioners. Up to this point, 3 practitioners in this city were tortured to death and over 20 practitioners were sent to labor camps. On June 9, 2001, while Li was eating at a restaurant, mafia members stabbed and severely wounded him.