July 4, 2001

[Minghui Net] Li Xiuqin, female, 60 years old, was a retired employee from Lishu District Grains Warehouse in Jixi City. In 1999, she went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong and was arrested thereafter. On October 2, she was illegally sent to the Second Detention Center in Jixi City. On December 26, she was sentenced to two years of labor education and transferred to Wanjia Labor Camp in Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province. In the past nearly two years, Li has been very determined in practicing Dafa. To implement its vicious brainwashing assignments, the labor camp inhumanly and brutally persecuted determined Dafa practitioners. Li was tortured to death on June 21, 2001. Without notifying her family, the labor camp cremated her body, and her family could only get the ashes. The labor camp even claimed that, "We have the order from above: Do not identify the body; cremate locally." "It is not a big deal since only 15 or 16 died out of over 300!" and so on. The labor camp even said that Li committed suicide. A practitioner always remembers Teacher's word by heart that killing creatures is sinful and committing suicide is even worse. A practitioner with great perseverance who had gone through these tortures would never commit suicide.

Right now, the labor camp does not allow any guards to go home and it rejects all new people sent there for labor education. In addition, it is escalating the persecution of Dafa practitioners and claims that it will brainwash all practitioners by July 20.