[Minghui Net] Liu Dongxue, male, over 40 years old, was a peasant from Dalou Village of Shenxing Town, Mancheng County, Baoding City, Hebei Province. His entire family of four all practiced Falun Dafa. On the eve of the Spring Festival, Liu Dongxue and his wife were illegally detained at the county detention center. They insisted on their freedom of belief and requested to be released with a "not guilty" verdict. With astonishing willpower, Liu Dongxue went on a hunger strike for 4 months to protest the illegal detention and persecution. During the 120-plus days of the hunger strike, Zhao Yuxia from the county police station political security section, along with some policemen of the detention center, barbarically inserted a tube to force feed him, beat him mercilessly, and scolded him. By the end of May 2001, after suffering through a long period of inhumane persecution, Liu Dongxue's life was in danger with only a bit of breath left in him. His thin body was covered with cuts and bruises, and he weighed less than 25 kilograms [approximately 55 pounds]. Even so, he was still tied to the bed in his cell. In order to shirk responsibility for the crime, the murderers had Liu Dongxue's mother take him home. By the next day, Liu Dongxue had stopped breathing.

Three months ago, Liu Dongxue's wife was illegally sentenced to two years in a labor camp since she persisted in firmly cultivating Falun Dafa. She is currently detained in Balizhuang Labor Camp of Baoding City, Hebei Province. Liu Dongxue's mother and child are left at home alone to fend for themselves.

Mancheng County Police Station Political Security Section: 86-312-7071192

Mancheng County people's government: 86-312-7072965