July 2, 2001

[Minghui Net] A brainwashing class was held in Taiyuan City at the Zhencheng Detention Center. On March 5, 2001, employed by the city government, the public security office, street committee office and town government utilized various methods to arrest more than 100 Falun Gong practitioners at their homes and sent them to the detention center. The practitioners were deprived of human rights and forced to watch fabricated videos that slander Dafa. This was an attempt to forcefully brainwash them.

The staff at the detention center threatens, curses and personally attacks practitioners in order to make them to give up their beliefs. They brutally torture practitioners if the staff finds them practicing the exercises. Their torture methods include:

  1. Forced standing: Practitioners are often forced to stand under the sun for several days.
  2. Long-term isolation: It often lasts several months. Practitioners are not allowed to meet family visitors or walk outside. The staff members also beat and slap practitioners. A female staff member named Cui Ying is especially cruel. She beats many female practitioners until they have bruises and are swollen all over, and the bruises do not go away until after a week. She pinches many others so forcefully that there are fist-size bruises all over their bodies.
  3. Sleep deprivation: Very often practitioners are ordered to gather at the playground at 2 or 3 o'clock in the morning. Every practitioner, including some seniors who are in their seventies, is forced to run. They are forced to walk if they are too exhausted to run. This torture lasts until dawn.
  4. Dog attacks on the practitioners: There are many cases where the dogs trained by the staff attack and harm practitioners while the staff members stand nearby and watch.
  5. Other methods: Upon seeing practitioners practicing the exercises, the staff members pour cold water on them. Practitioners are not allowed to brush their teeth, wash their faces or wash their clothes. The staff members lie to the practitioners' families. According to their rule, visitors are only allowed on Saturday. But for practitioners this is never so. Furthermore, practitioners are not even allowed to get daily necessities from their families.

After the brutal torture, practitioner Song Yuying, who was in her seventies, was tortured to death in late May. Upon seeing determined practitioners refuse to give up their beliefs, the staff members sent some practitioners to labor camps. Among them, practitioner Zhang Lanxiang (over 60 years old) and Wang Zhihong (middle aged) were sent to the Xindian Labor Camp. The others' whereabouts are unknown. Yet there are a few kind people at the detention center. There are two female workers who know that all Dafa practitioners are good people. After they witnessed the staff members brutally torturing practitioners, the female workers decided to quit their own jobs so that they themselves did not have to torture practitioners.

Kindness and viciousness will be repaid. We advise those blind followers who do not know the truth and those who do not have consciences to realize who is good and who is bad.