[Minghui Net] Since July 20, 1999, Falun Dafa practitioners from Wei County, Zhangjiahou City, Hebei province, have started to constantly safeguard the Fa and promote Dafa. At the same time, they have encountered inhumane persecution. The criminals have committed thousands of crimes, making both Gods and humans indignant.

All kind-hearted people: please look at how the police from Weizhou Township, headed by Ren Ligang, the vice secretary of Weizhou Township Party Committee, and Meng Fawang, from the local police station, have persecuted Dafa practitioners.

In July 2000, they arrested dozens of practitioners without just cause. Then the government officials, led by Ren Ligang and police officers from the local police station, started to torture the practitioners. They started with running exercises at four and five o'clock in the morning, and then the "facing-the-wall" drill at three o'clock the following morning. The practitioners had to bear this torture for nearly twenty hours each day. The police used lots of vicious means to torture them. For example, they tied them with ropes, gave them electric shocks, punched and kicked them, made them stand on bricks, or made them kneel on sticks. The practitioners had bruises all over their bodies. Some of the officials clamored, "If you are beaten to death, you will die for nothing."

One noon in July, they forced the practitioners to be in the hot sun for a long period, and would not even have mercy on a practitioner with crutches. Two older people were abused; one was Li Zhenru and another Qi Xiuzhen. Qi's son, Li Dongpo, and her daughter-in-law, Wang Jianchun, were also illegally detained in a prison. The old lady, Qi, and her ten-year old granddaughter were also forcefully brainwashed.

During that time, the Township secretary, Yu Li, directed the persecution of practitioners many times. They extorted a large amount of money--a so-called fine-- from the practitioners. Many practitioners became utterly destitute. The Weizhou township officials, however, spent the people's hard-earned money on food and drink.

Case one: Yuan Jingfeng, female, is thirty-one years old. She was forcefully detained for fifteen days in Wei County. After that, she was sent to a brainwashing class. Dozens of people from the local township government, the local police station, the Combined Security Squad, and the County held her down and kicked her like a ball. They kicked her head, face, and body for half an hour. She was in so much pain the she couldn't help rolling around on the ground; however, they forced her to stand on bricks and monitored her. Once, she moved a little bit and they beat her brutally. An official held a cup of boiling hot water and spilled it on her. After that, the others used cigarettes butts to burn her arms and used electric batons to shock her face. She had many blisters on her face. They tortured her for seven long hours, and she lost consciousness for twenty minutes.

One morning, Ren Ligang and Meng Fawang first forced her and another practitioner, Li Mingju, to stand on the bricks. Then they punched and kicked them. They held Yuan down, and forced her to kneel on a chair with an iron net covering her. After that, they used electric batons to shock Yuan and Li's backs, legs, and lower bodies. Then they kicked them down and their heads hit the ground hard. They were beaten to the point that black and blue bruises covered their bodies. Yuan's feet bled for half a day after the beating. Ren Ligang and Meng Fawang also handcuffed her to the window and left her hanging there. They used electric batons to shock her head, face, arms and hands again. Later on, they forced her to kneel on brooms, and as a result, her legs were badly injured. They illegally detained her for twenty-four days and extorted seven hundred dollars from her.

Case 2: Li Mingju, female, is thirty-seventy years old. Because she kept practicing Falun Gong, she was forcefully sent to a brainwashing class. As she entered the class, dozens of people came over and punched and kicked her on her head and body. They held her down, grabbed her hair, and asked, "Do you want to continue to practice or not?" She replied, "Yes." Thus, she received another brutal beating. Later, they forced her to stand on bricks for seven hours. Li Jingju kept practicing the exercises, so Meng Fawang used an electric baton to shock her head and face. He even grabbed her hair and put the electric baton into her mouth and shocked her. Later, Meng and some others held her and another practitioner, Ren Jingmei, down on the ground. They burned Li with a cigarette butt and held her down again. A female practitioner tried to give her a hand and help her get up, but they gave Li a hard kick, and as a result, her legs were injured badly. In addition, her right foot lost feeling for two months. Later, they used other vicious means to torture her: they deprived her of sleep and made her face the wall while standing on the bricks. She has been illegally detained for twenty-two days and illegally fined 2,000 RMB Yuan [about $250].

Case 3: Li Zhenru, female, is sixty-six years old. A group of people broke into her house at midnight without just cause and forcefully sent her to a brainwashing class. She was not allowed to get dressed when she was taken away from home. They also would not allow her to watch her eighty-year-old father who had been in bed for years. When she entered the brainwashing class, Ren punched her hard and started swearing at her. She was inhumanly beaten and tortured in the class. Once, she said she would keep practicing so they used a needle to stab her. She was illegally detained for twenty-one days and illegally fined 360 RMB Yuan [about 45 dollars]. Her father was so terrified that he collapsed mentally and became catatonic. He died in 2001.

Case 4: Qi Xiuzhen, female, is fifty-six years old. She was illegally detained because she went to appeal in Beijing. After she was released, she was monitored in her county. In July 2000, she was sent to a brainwashing class. During that time, her son and daughter-in-law were all detained because they appealed in Beijing, so she had to watch over her one-week-old grandson. The old lady held the baby but they still beat her. They asked her to stand on the bricks facing the wall and they also stabbed her with needles. The baby was so frightened that he cried wildly, but no one cared about him. They also exposed both her and the baby to the sun. She was detained for twenty days, and they stole all the money from her house. However, they still extorted 600 RMB Yuan from her in the end.

Case 5: Zhang Fu, male, is thirty-one years old. He was forcefully sent to a brainwashing class. A group of people tied him with ropes, punching him and kicking him. They brutally beat him one round after another. They also did not allow him to sleep, and made him stand on the bricks facing the wall. Every time he was beaten, it was by a whole group of people. The blood flew from his mouth and nose, and one tooth was broken in half. Black and blue bruises covered his eyes, face, and body. The bruises were still visible even after half a month. He was illegally detained for sixteen days. On January 13, 2001, he went to Beijing to sell some goods. Because of that, Wang Hen, Ren Ligang, Xiao Meng, Bai Le and Cia (his first name is unknown) beat him for two days. After that, they put him into a detention center.

Case 6: Fu Jianrong, female, is about thirty-year-old. In October 2000, she went to Beijing to appeal and was escorted back to the Combined Security Squad in Wei Township. The police officers and local officials beat her brutally for half the night. Her lower body was severely bruised after they beat her with a rubber stick and she was unable to sit for a long time. When the police kicked a sixty-year old practitioner, Fu tried to stop them. As a result, they punched and kicked her as well. They held her down and also rode on her body to shock her with an electric baton late into the night.

Good and evil will receive retribution. Those known and unknown thugs as well as those backstage manipulators will pay back the crimes they committed when they persecuted Dafa and Dafa disciples.

Kind-hearted people, wake up. Human morality and dignity need to be maintained by all of us.

In this tremendous tribulation, all Dafa practitioners will continue to expose the evil and clarify the truth with their benevolence. They will spread the shining light of Falun Dafa to every corner of the world. Falun Dafa has such power.

The criminals who persecuted Dafa disciples are:

( Note: the area code of the Wei Township, Hebei Province is 0313; the zip code is 075700)

Wen Xiang: the vice secretary of the Wei County Party Committee, office number 7010930 , home phone 7216322 , page number 1272641200

Gao Feng: the supervisor of the 610 office in Wei County, office number 7011097, home number 7215923

Shi Xiong: the head of the Wei County Police Department, office number 7210447, home number 7210299

Liang Ligang: the head of the Political Security Section of the Wei County Police Department, office number 7212272

Yu Li: the secretary of the Weizhou Township Party Committee, office number 7212458, home number 7214292

Bi Wanchun: the secretary of the Fifth Street Party Committee of Weizhou Township, office number 7212484, office number 7212405

Ren Ligang: the vice secretary of the Weizhou Township Party Committee, office number 7212458