[Minghui Net] Falun Dafa practitioner Zuo Zhigang was 33 years old and lived in Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province. He obtained the Fa [Law of the Universe] in 1994. Police beat him to death on May 30, 2001 at the Xinghua Police Station in the Qiaoxi District of Shijiazhuang City.

On May 30, 2001, about 3PM, a person from a Public Security Division Office in the Qiaoxi District of Shijiazhuang served a subpoena on Zuo Zhigang to arrest him. Because Zuo kept silent in front of the police, they allowed one of Zuo's colleagues to try to undermine his beliefs. At about 6PM, the police just took Zuo Zhigang and jailed him at the Xinghua Police Station at Qiaoxi /Shijiazhuang, a station notorious for its extremely bad treatment of Dafa practitioners. The names of perpetrators at that station were once posted on Minghui Net. Not only did the police arrest and incarcerate Mr. Zuo, they also confiscated his work place computer, suspecting that Zuo used the office computer to access the Internet. Several days after Zuo was killed, since they could not find any evidence, the police returned Zuo's computer to his work unit. The police then harassed and intimidated Zuo's parents and confiscated their private property.

On the afternoon of May 31, 2001, the Xinghua Police Station authorities told Zuo's family that Zuo had committed suicide by hanging himself. People from the notorious police station who knew about Zuo's case and knew what happened at the station verified later that Zuo's facial appearance was kind and calm, but he appeared exhausted. His face was swollen, and his right ear was seriously bruised. There were two symmetrical rectangular indentations in his back, and evidence showed that his neck had been tightly wound with fine rope. Other parts of his body showed no significant injuries.

The Xinghua Police Station personnel gave dubious accounts of Zuo's death: "After finishing Zuo's interrogation from 7PM to 9PM, a very good discussion, they allowed Zuo to sleep. They had no idea that Zuo would commit suicide on May 31, in the morning, between 7:20 AM and 7:40 AM, by using half a section of a shirt sleeve to hang himself from the iron fence gate. Regarding the rectangular indentations on Zuo's back, the police explained that they came from the nails on the gate." Examination of this iron "suicide gate" revealed a discrepancy in the police story: the gate that Zuo supposedly had used to commit "suicide" is approximately 1.6 meters in height (approximately 5' 5" tall), and Zuo's height is 1.72 meters (approximately 5' 10"). Moreover, the marks on Zuo's back are rectangular. It seems impossible that round nails found on this gate would leave rectangular-shaped marks. It becomes obvious that all the police lied. We can only guess what really happened. The police killed Zuo, possibly after they became angry with Zuo's silence. It is estimated that Zuo was killed in the evening of May 30, between 9PM to 10PM . We are pretty sure that someone else strangled Zuo after he had already been killed to make it look like suicide. The police did not issue a death certificate listing the cause of death, using the excuse that they could not find a coroner to examine Zuo's body.

Zuo's death has brought endless grief to his family. Zuo was an only son and was the center of family life. May 31, the second day after Zuo was killed, was originally the day that he and his fiancee planned to take wedding photos together. His parents were happily preparing for their wedding. At the moment they heard the sad news about Zuo, the entire family fell into an abyss of sadness, and a planned, happy event turned into a funeral. The family still has a hard time accepting the facts and believing what has happened.

When the news of Zuo's death spread, many of the young men among his relatives and friends also cried often. They all had a hard time believing that such a good person would be killed this way. People kept coming to visit Zuo's family, and even a relative over 80 years old was also escorted there to pay his respects, which moved everyone at the scene. It was at this moment that everybody realized that Zuo had done many good deeds. Because he was once appointed as the technician at a television factory in Shijiazhuang, and later was also an authorized service engineer for Phillips computer monitor, he helped many people by repairing their television sets in his spare time, free of charge. Without any complaint, he took care of a friend who was injured in an accident and was lying in the hospital, even though this friend had once deeply hurt him. He quietly left after his friend recovered. He also once looked after one very sick family member without second thoughts, and had reunited the good feelings in a previously estranged family.

He did not speak much, but he would always be kind and compassionate to others in everything, and would always consider others before himself.

He was also very responsible in his work, and was an important staff member in his work unit. His boss asked him to look for one more person to expand the business. On the day that Zuo was taken away by the police, even Zuo did not have a chance to say good-bye or leave any message to his family and fiancée. But he did not forget to leave the new employee's telephone number with his work unit in order not to disrupt the workflow.

He also demanded a very high standard of himself and led a very thrifty life, which is rarely seen in China among people whose salary is more than 1,000 Yuan a month. His caring for his parents was also very admirable. On the morning that Zuo was taken away, because it was raining, he called his parents about the condition of the skylight he had just fixed. His parents told him that the skylight was not leaking. Zuo said, "I'm relieved to know that it is not leaking." These were his last words to his family.

Without any brave words he quietly died, but his death gave rise to inexhaustible, mournful thoughts among all the kind-hearted people who knew him. Perhaps he wanted to leave a legacy for his family and the common people: the melted candle wax before his photograph formed two lotus flowers, about 10 centimeters in diameter, after the two candles had burned down. This phenomenon happened on two consecutive days. Some of his family members even saw him in a dream, standing at the side of Master's giant Law Body [a body made of gong and Fa] and smilingly waving his hand to everyone.

This was Dafa practitioner, Zuo Zhigang, who silently finished his path in the human world and fulfilled his true purpose.