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  1. A High School Student Drowns in the River
  2. The saying, "Slandering a Buddha will definitely provoke retribution" has been proven true again and again. Recently, there was a typical incident of "immediate retribution in this lifetime" in a high school in Shijiazhuang City of Hebei Province in China.

    On an afternoon in May 2001, it was dark and very cloudy as a storm came up. Zhao, a 15 year- old high school student, was standing at the window on the second floor of a classroom building, slandering the founder of Falun Dafa. A Dafa practitioner passing by accidentally overheard him. The Dafa practitioner felt very sad and planned to talk to this student and possibly save him by telling him the truth that slandering a Buddha will definitely provoke retribution.

    On the afternoon of May 30, 2001 (Sunday), the student Zhao drowned while fishing in the Shijin River.

    It was said that Zhao was attracted to the water by a huge black carp. Several days before he drowned, he had asked his family members to help him make a net to catch the black carp. His elementary-school-age cousin went with him, and they fell into the river at the same time. The cousin survived after emergency treatment.

  3. After Insulting the Master, Fourth Grader Encounters Danger for Retribution
  4. A fourth grader of an elementary school in Gaocheng City of Hebei Province picked up a type-written paper saying "eliminate the head of evil--Jiang Zeming." Being deceived by the lies on TV and not knowing the truth, he wrote a similar statement slandering the Dafa founder on a piece of paper. A Dafa practitioner learned of the situation and planned to talk to the ignorant boy. In the afternoon, the boy left school because of an argument with other classmates. He encountered two ruffians riding motorcycles and was kidnapped. A nearby villager happened to see this, scared the ruffians away and saved the boy.

    In the meantime, his teacher noticed the boy was missing. His classmates, teachers and parents all went out to look for him. The Dafa practitioner also sent forth righteous thoughts to save the boy, since he was aware of the rule of retribution. Around 4:00pm, the villager sent the scared boy back to school. The Dafa practitioner called the boy aside, asked about what he had done that morning and told him the truth of Dafa. The boy had made a mistake out of ignorance, but learned the truth of Dafa because of the retribution. He pledged that he would never slander a Buddha again.

  5. Hands Burned for Burning Dafa Banner, Evil Begets Evil
  6. The principal of a middle school in Gaocheng City of Hebei Province followed the evil forces' instructions to persecute Dafa practitioners for his personal benefit. In addition, he forced all the teachers and students in the school to slander Dafa, causing the school to be filled with rumors and lies. Everybody was scared by the rumors, and the school has not had a peaceful day since. The school held a special meeting to clarify the rumors, which caused even more rumors to arise.

    Recently a young Dafa practitioner saw a third year junior high student trying to set a Dafa banner on fire, but ending up burning his own hands. This illustrates the principle that bad deeds beget bad consequences and that immediate retribution can take place in this lifetime.