(Clearwisdom.net) Zhang Shuyi, the director of the Nangao Village government office in Luancheng County, was very cruel to Falun Dafa practitioners. Once, he violently beat female practitioner Tan Jinyan, while shouting, "I'll hit your face until it's swollen. See if you can stop me." Interestingly enough, Zhang Shuyi's face became swollen the next day; however, he did not realize the cause of the swelling. Another time, he handcuffed Tan Jinyan's hands to a tree for nearly 20 hours and would not allow her to use the restroom. Later on, he searched the home of Wang Lanlan ( pseudonym) and took all of her belongings.

Not long after that, while under the influence of alcohol, Zhang Shuyi drove his motorcycle into a sand pit. Both he and the motorcycle were crushed, and Zhang died after a failed emergency treatment.